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The Jivamukti Method

written by nicole nichols and heather fairfield Practices For Liberating Body and Soul Twenty years ago Sharon Gannon and David Life developed Jivamukti Yoga, a style that would become known around the world for its mix of challenging physical asanas and scriptural study blended with music, social awareness and devotion. Driven to communicate something extraordinary about human potential, in 1984 they created the Jivamukti method. The method quickly began to take hold in New York City where they … [Read more...]

Michael Bengry’s Gemini Track System

written by kyle roderick breathing new life into yoga: michael bengry's gemini track system Like many devoted yoga practitioners and/or yoga studio owners, Michael Bengry of Golden Tree Yoga (www.goldentreeyoga.com) in Santa Barbara, CA. started practicing 14 years ago after a serious bout with back pain. While Bengry started taking a therapeutic back class, as his sciatica improved, he moved on to other yoga styles. Bengry studied with a number of instructors trained in the Iyengar method. … [Read more...]

Bikram Yoga

written by craig villani Making the practice of hatha yoga accessible to six billion people worldwide is the primary philosophy underlying the development and growth of Bikram Yoga. Created by Yogi Raj Bikram Choudhury as a practical distillation of the classical eighty-four postures as set forth by oral transmission and recorded by the Vedic sage Patanjali, Bikram’s method of Hatha Yoga stands as a structured and foundational approach towards balancing the modern bodymind. … [Read more...]

Mudras & The Fabric of Your Consciousness

Mudra is a Sanskrit term that means seal or symbol. The translation can be taken literally, figuratively, spiritually, psychologically and emotionally. Since the beginning of our presence on earth we have used our hands to communicate. Before verbal language became refined enough to be the seed we now know is necessary to grow a culture, and the glue that initially anchors a culture, hand gestures dominated communication. … [Read more...]

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