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Bathing Beauty

Enjoying a leisurely soak is not only good for your body, it rejuvenates your spirit. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and watch as the tension in your muscles begins to disappear. The stresses and worries of your day slowly fade as you surrender to the warm waters supporting you. Your breath begins to deepen, while your heart rate resumes its natural, healthy pace, not the frenetic pace of the day, but the calm, quiet pace of the evening. No, you're not at a spa or enjoying a watsu … [Read more...]

Ayurveda, a System of Self-Healing

written by felicia m. tomasko "Ayurveda makes life more comfortable, since Ayurveda is about creating balance through following Ayurvedic principles, our food and our life can taste better, smell better, and feel better," says Jennifer Workman, registered dietician, Ayurvedic expert and author of Stop Your Cravings. Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word meaning "science of life" that describes the ancient medicinal system of India, first outlined in written works thousands of years old and still widely … [Read more...]

Life With You


Imagine yourself at the end of your life looking back. Focus in on the sum total of the moments, days, years you doubted yourself. Then come back present and add up the years to date. This total equals the amount of time you have wasted not believing in who you are. Doubt is a powerfully dangerous habit. It creates a clear barrier between you and your essence; between you and your purpose; between you and love. Naturally there are many reasons we choose to not trust. … [Read more...]

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