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Define Your Bliss

The state of Bliss as we define it is a dynamic state or phenomenon. How do we know this? Years of experimentation, following paths, finding teachers, working at it and surrendering into it. People do not get to a state of Bliss and just stay there, particularly in busy urban areas in which many of us choose to live. Daily practice is the key to maintaining the dynamic state of balance that involves frequently correcting and adjusting. The purpose of the work at Find Bliss is to be able to … [Read more...]

Building Your Stress Reduction Toolbox

Before you quit your job, sell your house and go live in the country you may want to learn some simple techniques to reduce stress. Some stress is fine and in fact very useful in many situations as long as it is a short term burst and there is a clear purpose and end to it. It is the long term daily stress load that is so devastating to our health and vitality. Stress is cumulative and compounds in a negative way just like interest compounds on your investments but these tools and techniques … [Read more...]

Welcome to Find Bliss

Congratulations! You have just made a great decision to improve the quality of your life, reduce stress and increase vitality and joy. Defining and living your bliss is a process that unfolds over time. Don't be in a rush to get "finished" and be sure to celebrate all the small wins along the way. Part 1 - Define your Bliss Part 2 - Things you can do every day on Find Bliss … [Read more...]

Things You Can Do Every Day On Find Bliss

Read today's Spiritual Affirmation. Read today's Financial Affirmation. Read and experience the Daily Inspirational Quote. Check out the new recipes from our favorite chefs at spas and restaurants as well as top cookbook authors. Explore archived articles on your favorite subjects or from your favorite contributors. Make comments and ask question of our experts below their articles. Re-commit to your vision of designing and living your ideal lifestyle. Use this quick pick me up to add to your … [Read more...]

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