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How to Co-Create your World-A recipe card for Manifesting Intention

Ashley-release it jpg

Part four: Release It  We now step into the fourth stage of the nine-part intention-setting journey we began in September. Steps one through three have brought us to what I think is the most elusive step: Release it. Once you have deeply set the intention, let it go (with a dash of faith).   When talking about releasing and letting go of the intentions we have set, I use the term elusive because of the difficulty it takes to describe and achieve this state.  To quote Eugen Herrigal from Zen … [Read more...]

How to Co-Create Your World-A Recipe Card for Manifesting Intention

Ashley-Open to the Creative Source

Part three: Open to the Creative Source. We come to the third installment of the nine-part intention setting manual we began in September. The first article on Focus talked about creating the right state in your mind. That moved into the subject of the second article: Make clear your intention and seek tangible results.  What comes next is Opening to the creative source. The Creative Source is the place from which Mozart received his symphonic downloads and Shakespeare created his … [Read more...]

How to Co-Create Your World – A Recipe Card for Manifesting Intention

Ashley-Making Clear your intention

Part Two: Make Clear your Intention Last month we began a nine-part journey of setting intention with the first step being focus. Once we have created the space for focus we move onto step two – Make clear your intention. Seek tangible results.  This is important as the clearer your thoughts are, the easier they will manifest.  To understand how to gain clarity within ourselves, we consider three essential conditions to achieving a clear state: Do no Harm, Benefit Others – With deep … [Read more...]

How to Co-Create Your World – A Recipe Card for Manifesting Intention


This is the first in a nine-part series dedicated to revealing a recipe card for people who wish to see their intentions come to life.  Part One: Focus Intention is focused energy. It can be a thought, a blessing, and a prayer or any act of consciousness that is designed to create an action or a result. Throughout this series, we will explore nine scientific steps that have been demonstrated to help manifest your intention; by the end of this series you will possess a tool kit to co-create the … [Read more...]

The Bliss List: Week of January 24

One of our favorite bloggers, Nadine Fawell, lists macaroons and cupcakes on her Bliss List. What's on yours? Lazy Saturdays. Unexpected visitors. Of the welcome sort, not the creepy stalker sort Drinking good coffee in the sun with friends. Sunshine (sorry, Northern Hemisphere. Your turn is coming!) Walking. There is nothing like it to clear the head Change. I find change scary, but also exhilarating. There's a lot of it in my life right now The wisdom of my parents. How excited my brother is … [Read more...]

The Bliss List

Blissful blogger Nadine Fawell tells us what’s been blissing her out lately. Read her thoughts then share your own! by Nadine Fawell Things that have blissed me out this week: The wise little sayings on the YogiTea Rooibos Chai I have been drinking lately. Some examples: The moment you love, you are unlimited (my personal favourite). Socialize with compassion, kindness and grace. The art of happiness is to serve all. Road trips. Especially ones where I don't actually have to do any of the … [Read more...]

You Make Me Feel Lovely


See what one Find Bliss contributor has to say about feeling lovely, letting go and new beginnings. You Make Me Feel Lovely By Nadine Fawell For the title of this piece, I am quoting a student of mine, who is one of the sexiest women I have ever met. The first time she walked into class, I thought *wow*. This is a woman who experiences herself as beautiful, and you can see by how she moves that she is moving in the innate sensuality of Life. It’s very powerful. When I knew her better, I told … [Read more...]

Stress Release is Fun!

Stress release actually is fun. Our bodies get to say WHOOSH. The body knows how to release stress. It does it every day. These tools – meditation, yoga, breathing, are just ways of accessing the built-in skills your body has. Check out this info from my website: Yoga & Meditation is as American as Apple Pie, Almost The CDC - The Centers for Disease Control - conducted a nationwide survey and found that 7.5% of Americans have done Yoga (7.1% in the last month) and 10.2% have meditated, … [Read more...]

Exploring Turning Motions

Your body knows how to adapt to change, and it practices this every six seconds. It’s called breathing. But the breath does not just flow in and out. It also must transition from flowing out to flowing in and vice versa. These transitions can reveal to us the nature of change. Here's how to explore turning motions for yourself: Pick a spot where you can pace back and forth. Walk one direction, turn, then walk back in the other direction, turn, then repeat. Do this for at least a few minutes, … [Read more...]

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