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Fabulous Money

"All my beautiful ships are bringing me fabulous money!." … [Read more...]

I Have All The Time In The World

"I have all the time in the world to make all the money I desire!." … [Read more...]

I Have All The Time I Need

"I have all the time I need to have all the fun I want!." … [Read more...]

Loving Thoughts About Myself

"My mind is full of powerful, loving thoughts about myself." … [Read more...]

I Can Do Anything

I can do anything I put my mind to! … [Read more...]

I Have Confidence In Me

I have confidence in me! … [Read more...]

Money Is Flying At Me

Money is flying at me from all directions! … [Read more...]

I Create Marvels In My Life

I visualize and create marvels in my life! … [Read more...]

Give Gifts From The Heart

I give gifts from the heart and they flow back to me in return. … [Read more...]

I Am The Most successful Me I Know

I am the most successful me I know! … [Read more...]

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