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3 Ways to Build your Cash Reserves


If getting in good financial standing is on your to-do list in 2010, you’re not alone. Millions of Americans are looking to save more in the wake of the financial crisis. See how you can get started. 1) Get Real Often the hardest thing about delving into your finances is actually getting started. It’s daunting to take a long hard look at what you have and what you don’t. But, if you’re going to start saving, you need to get real. And that entails pulling your head out of the sand. Consider … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Spend Less this Holiday Season


It doesn’t matter who you are or where you live: budgets are tight all over this holiday season. This year, we’re asking you to rethink the way you give. The result? More cash for emergencies and a happy, fun, and meaningful holiday season. 1) Spend Time, Not Cash You’ve heard the saying, time is money. This season, instead of spending money on the people you love, see is there’s anything you can do for them. Maybe you’re harried sister-in-law would love an afternoon away from the kids and you … [Read more...]

I Enjoy Planning

"I enjoy planning my spending and spending what I plan!" … [Read more...]

Treasures Are Mine

"I am high on High Budget and its fabulous treasures are mine!" … [Read more...]

Brilliant Compensation Educational Video


This 30 minute educational video is designed to show you some of pitfalls of traditional business models we all work in and then help you explore the benefits of leveraging your time and energy available in a only a few industries. Click here to view the video Brilliant Compensation Live (English) You also might enjoy this brief article on part time business ideas. … [Read more...]

My Life Is Rich

"My life is rich in fun and adventure!" … [Read more...]

Abundance In My Life

"I have great abundance in my life and pplenty to share with others!." … [Read more...]

I Accept Rich Rewards

"I accept rich rewards - and I deserve them!." … [Read more...]

Relish The Commitments

"I relish the commitments I make and keep!." … [Read more...]

I Receive Tremendous Rewards

"I receive tremendous rewards every time I dial the phone!." … [Read more...]

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