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Legacy and Estate Planning: When Acting and Reality Collide


A well-designed estate plan is worth the time and effort – it protects your legacy and ensures abundance and peace in your family’s future. By Michael Thomas The world mourned the passing of James Gandolfini on June 19, 2013. Many were introduced to the 51-year-old actor through his Emmy-winning portrayal of mob boss Tony Soprano in the acclaimed HBO series, The Sopranos. We can only assume that there were numerous differences between the man and his fictional persona, but what we do know is … [Read more...]

I Enjoy Planning

"I enjoy planning my spending and spending what I plan!" … [Read more...]

Treasures Are Mine

"I am high on High Budget and its fabulous treasures are mine!" … [Read more...]

My Life Is Rich

"My life is rich in fun and adventure!" … [Read more...]

Abundance In My Life

"I have great abundance in my life and pplenty to share with others!." … [Read more...]

I Accept Rich Rewards

"I accept rich rewards - and I deserve them!." … [Read more...]

Relish The Commitments

"I relish the commitments I make and keep!." … [Read more...]

I Receive Tremendous Rewards

"I receive tremendous rewards every time I dial the phone!." … [Read more...]

Fabulous Money

"All my beautiful ships are bringing me fabulous money!." … [Read more...]

I Have All The Time In The World

"I have all the time in the world to make all the money I desire!." … [Read more...]

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