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Meet … Jenny Ravikumar, Owner at Barefoot Yoga Shala


Meet … Jenny Ravikumar, Owner at Barefoot Yoga Shala in Middleton wind up…  how do you wind up, prepare for the week ahead? I don't know if I would say "prepare" for the week. With a 3 month old son and owning my own yoga studio, I tend to fly a lot of my schedule by the seat of my pants. My best preparation tools involve my iPhone - specifically the Calendar and Notes sections. I am constantly writing things on the notepad of my phone such as blog post ideas, to-do list items, my … [Read more...]

Life is not easy.  Life is not perfect.  Life is Good.

Photo by Aimee Corrigan

Superpowers, Playlists and Beyond in Life is Good: The Book... Keeping on the sunny side can certainly be a daunting proposition amidst the sad news coming at us from all corners of the globe.  How do we carry on while simultaneously shouldering grief and deep concern for those around us?  One remedy is to keep handy books, music and other media that remind us of the power of optimism. One such example is Life is Good: The Book by (the brothers) Bert and John Jacobs, founders of Life is … [Read more...]

Backstage with TJ Mokkosian


Meet Yoga Instructor TJ Mokkosian, the new owner at Self Awakening Yoga (http://www.selfawakening.net) wind up…  how do you wind up, prepare for the week ahead? I wake up  at 5 AM so I can make it to the studio for my first Ashtanga practice of the week.  The repetitive nature of the practice really grounds me and is the perfect indicator for where I am at emotionally physically and energetically. and, when you need to exhale…  what’s your other other direction? Interestingly enough, … [Read more...]

Backstage with Nancy Bellantoni


Nancy Bellantoni teaches yoga at Om Warrior Yoga Studio in Boston's Financial District where they offer lunchtime classes if you are looking for an escape from your desk!  In her own words, she has been practicing yoga "since the last century".  Her husband introduced her to yoga in the mid-90's, with his well-worn copy of Autobiography of a Yogi.   wind up…  how do you wind up, prepare for the week ahead? I turn inward, listen to music and explore my embody-map with my Roll Model® method … [Read more...]

Backstage with Kerri Johnson


With over 12 years of experience on her mat, Kerri can be found leading classes at Center Yoga in Lynnfield and also at Yoga Moves in Stoneham.  You can also catch Kerri on January 24th from 1 - 3PM when she leads her signature arm balance workshop, Flow and Fly, at Center Yoga.  Register in advance through the studio's website! wind up…  how do you wind up, prepare for the week ahead? I am a planner so I reflect on the upcoming week, schedule, etc.  I think about what I want to focus on, … [Read more...]

Backstage with Sandy Byrne

Sandy Byrne...  Owner of  River Rock Yoga & Wellness Center E-RYT, Yoga Tune Up® Teacher Trainer, and LMT I found my way to the mat about 14 years ago.  Before that I was a competitive gymnast and coach.   I looked shiny and pretty on the outside but my insides where falling apart from all the misuse, overuse and abuse from many years of coaching and gymnastics.  Yoga put me back together and made me feel better in all of my bodies. wind up…  how do you wind up, prepare for the week … [Read more...]

Back Stage With Elizabeth Harris, MD


Dr. Harris is a (north of Boston based) neurologist turned artist who works primarily with molten wax fus-ing painting and drawing to create layered surfaces with lyrical scrawls and repetitive mark making.  her creations are rich with associations to language, science, and spirituality and can be viewed locally at the Clark Gallery in Lincoln and also in a variety of other public settings. wind up... espresso, green juice and pilates…  in that order! other direction… and, when you need … [Read more...]

Pressure Drop


For this week’s Pressure Drop feature, we visited Union Crossing a creative home for artists, innovators, and the like in the Merrimack Valley. As one of the area’s premier artist communities, the Union Crossing artists and creatives are an active collective of innovators, business owners, thinkers, makers, and shakers. Union Crossing, located in a former Lawrence mill, coordinates the popular Lawrence Arts Crawl approximately 3 times each year, an event which invites artists, entrepreneurs, and … [Read more...]

Best Dressed Monk – Clothing for the Modern Man


Model, actor, and musician Masood Ali Khan connect in conversation with Allen and Kira Gold about their new apparel line created for the mindful man. Allen and Kira Gold are partners in life and in business. Their brand, Best Dressed Monk, creates clothing for the mindful man. Who better to interview the pair about the clothing line than the model of their current lookbook, Masood Ali Khan? He sat down with the Golds at the Self Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine in Pacific Palisades to discuss … [Read more...]

A Ten-Minute Meditation Practice


The secret of meditation is putting resolutely aside every plan, every project, and focusing on the moment. It’s about stilling the thought-process and feeling the space within as it gradually expands from the body outward. Find a peaceful space and set aside at least 10 minutes for meditation every day, to tune in to your highest potential. ~~~ A Meditation Practice* Sit with the spine straight, and the body relaxed. Place your hands palms upward on the thighs at the junction of the … [Read more...]

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