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Donna DeLory – Remixes


Are you ready for a fresh spin on familiar mantras and melodies? This is what Donna DeLory has delivered with Remixes. This release is filled with versions of her mantras by a variety of DJs who deliver new flavor to classic favorites. Mac Quayle, Rara Avis, Eastern Sun, Desert Dwellers, Atom Smith, Dave Dale, and Donna all bring their unique styles, taking the listeners on a sweet journey to deliver us into the zone. The track order is well thought out, establishing a smooth ride from the … [Read more...]

Jai Uttal – Thunder Love


When FindBliss asked Jai Uttal, one of the kirtan scene’s most beloved singers, what he does to follow his Bliss, he replied that he tries to stay in his heart and in truth and integrity. Jai Uttal’s heart, truth and integrity have brought bliss to numerous listeners, and his highly anticipated new album Thunder Love promises to bring bliss to many more. The grooving tunes on Thunder Love are a bit of jazzy meets kirtan, lounge-y love songs that provide a new glimpse into the emotion. The … [Read more...]

The Bliss of Girl Group Sounds

As anyone who has ever listened to the radio for more than 30 minutes knows, girl group songs have been mined throughout rock 'n' roll history for cover potential-- from the Beatles to Blondie to more contemporary musicians, like Neko Case. And of course, girl groups are a constant on classic sixties rock stations. Beyond that, there is a global community of girl group music fans who bliss out to the stuff as well as buy and sell it online. … [Read more...]

Making Music

david nichtern: making music for the post new-age era Nourishing our minds and bodies with pleasurable vibrations, music can alter consciousness, help us relax, inspire our imaginations and stoke our passions. Music can also nourish our minds/bodies while we work, do yoga, exercise or simply sit still and listen to our environment. New York-based musician, composer and entrepreneur David Nichtern understands all of this perfectly. "I like music that helps me lead an inspired life," he says. … [Read more...]

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