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BROGAN GRAHAM AND BOJAN MANDARIC'S NOVEMBER PROJECT, THE BOOK... IN STORES THIS WEEK This week marks the publication of November Project, The Book by the movement's creators Brogan Graham and Bojan Mandaric, with Caleb Daniloff.  The November Project™(NP) is a free fitness movement hatched in Boston as a way to stay in shape during New England's frigid winter months. Now present in multiple cities across four time zones from Edmonton Alberta to Miami Beach, NP has lured the masses using a … [Read more...]



Meet Roman Szpond of Inner Strength Studios... For nearly two decades, the team at Inner Strength Studios  (with locations in Watertown and Sudbury) has been obsessed with providing the ideal space for physical, emotional and spiritual transformation. This week we chat studio owner Roman Szpond who practices seven days a week using yoga's benefits to both "wind up" and "wind down".  Roman, along with Lauren Star and Charles Barone just kicked off their 2016 Yoga Teacher Training program, … [Read more...]



Meet Marylee Fairbanks... Marylee Fairbanks has been teaching yoga and leading workshops in and around the Greater Boston area for ten years. She focuses on the Chakra System and teaches workshops and as well as teacher training classes. The mind/body/spirit connection is the center of her classes.   Before teaching yoga, she worked as a professional singer and actor for 15 years.  "Work is what you do for others.  Art is what you do for yourself," lyrics from one of Ms. Fairbank's all-time … [Read more...]



Unpacking Rebecca Pacheco... and Her Bestselling Book As a yoga teacher I make it part of my practice to digest as much material as I’m able about my career and lifestyle often hunting online for those titles we don’t find on bookshelves. I have a knack for signing up for new classes and teacher trainings just so I’ll get more homework and the opportunity to read more often. While I was creating my own teacher training this year I came across Rebecca Pachecho’s book Do Your Om Thing (Harper … [Read more...]



Meet Halle Becker... Halle ("Homegirl") Becker does not pull punches.  She wants the “truth to lead the way”, and has absolutely no qualms about passionately spreading that dharma.  She’s 53, lives “loudly and proudly” neither denying the process of aging nor necessarily embracing it but rather extracting its very essence and bringing that ripening forward into the light.  A bright light she has emitted for nearly twenty years holding court as one of New York City’s most beloved yoga and spin … [Read more...]


thr photo side plank

Teacher Profile: Meet Jacqui Bonwell Jacqui Bonwell is the studio owner at the Canton Yoga Shala, a place she warmly refers to as her "little nest".  She sat down with Find Bliss Boston earlier this month on the heels of the studio's new move to an expanded site.  While this studio remains her "home base" for her 200 and 500 RYT trainings and some workshops, she likes to think of herself as "a true gypsy", taken by the wind and hitting the road as needed in order to connect directly with … [Read more...]



MEET DANIEL MAX, CO-FOUNDER AND DIRECTOR OF JP CENTRE YOGA   Daniel is the co-founder of JP Centre Yoga (JPCY), a diverse vinyasa-based yoga studio in Jamaica Plain, where he teaches weekly classes and directs a registered yoga teacher training.  Born in Israel, he  came to the U.S. in his early 20s. Here, through his studies, he became certified as a shiatsu practitioner, massage therapist, yoga instructor, and nutrition and health counselor.  Informed by his practice of yoga and … [Read more...]



Kristin Olson, the studio owner at Home Yoga in Andover, is widely known for her intelligent sequencing and precise instruction - skills she has honed over many years under the guidance of her mentor Natasha Rizopoulos. When she is not at home caring for her three young children, she can be found sharing her deep knowledge of yoga and its intricacies through both her signature 300 hour advanced teacher training program and her public classes. In 2015 Home Yoga was voted "best yoga studio" by … [Read more...]

National Parks Adventure… A Cinematic Centennial Salute


"National Parks Adventure captures the stunning beauty of our wild places and reminds us these landscapes are an essential part of the human spirit." Robert Redford, narrator Narrated by Academy Award® winner Robert Redford, the new film by MacGillvray Freeman (MFF) National Parks Adventure is a sweeping tribute to the undeniable power of America's great outdoor treasures. Taking a "consumer's" perspective, the film's editors Stephen Judson and Tim Cahill (in conjunction with producers Shaun … [Read more...]



This week, we sit down with former ballet dancer and now  popular Boston yoga instructor, Renee LeBlanc.  Renee discovered yoga following a tip from a co-worker nearly sixteen years ago and has been practicing "without sabbatical" ever since.  These days in her personal practice, she's finding her bliss in the transitions in and out poses.  For her, that’s where "the real juice is".  Next month, Renee will lead an eight day retreat in Cabo San Lucas featuring her signature vinyasa yoga, great … [Read more...]

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