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April 2013 Astrology

ARIES- April has your name written all over it as all the personal planets end up in Aries at some point during this fire starter month!  With Uranus in your sign for 7 years you are awakening to a greater sense of yourSelf, your path and your role as an activist.  Watch out for tempers flaring or assertion turning into aggression, as so many planets in your sign does not make you the best compromiser or peace maker.  Pay close attention to mid month as opportunities for change, but also … [Read more...]

Bring Nature Indoors for Health and Harmony


Right now - stop, take a moment, and recall a time when you felt completely relaxed and at peace. For many of us, that experience involved being surrounded by the healing energy of nature. Whether breathing in the ocean air, daydreaming under the sun, or walking along a mountain steam, nature can have a magical way of melting away stress, uplifting mood, and soothing the soul. Bringing nature into the living environment increases health, happiness, and productivity, according to feng shui. As … [Read more...]

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