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Create Space for Love at Home

INDIAN SECRETS OF VASTU ENHANCE INTIMACY Vastu, the science of architecture and sacred space also referred to as the Yoga of design, offers harmonizing suggestions to align your home with the laws of nature to help bring you into this temple. As Marianne Williamson wrote, “Romance is one of the sacred temples that dot the landscape of a human life.” Keep your bedroom a serene, beautiful, and private space; make it a peaceful retreat for sleep and intimacy, a true sanctuary in this busy … [Read more...]

Get a Spa Bathroom in 3 Easy Steps


Why wait for your next spa visit to relax and unwind? Instead, create a spa in your bathroom with these easy tips. And no, you don’t have to spend a fortune to have a spa-like experience every single day! 1) Change your Showerhead It’s something we use every day, but rarely pay much attention to: the showerhead. If you’re using the plain old showerhead that came with your home, you just don’t know what you’re missing! Invest in a spa-like showerhead that is tailored to you. Maybe you like a … [Read more...]

Texting and Driving: What you Should Know


Recently talk show host Oprah Winfrey did a show about the perils of using your phone in the car. The findings of this show were staggering: talking on the phone while driving (even hands free) is the equivalent of driving drunk. Driving while texting is more dangerous than driving drunk. Further research concludes that the human brain simply isn’t equipped to multitask in this way. Fiddling with your phone in the car leads to slower reaction times and a sort of a “tunnel vision” where the … [Read more...]

Color of 2010: Turquoise

Flower Pot

The Pantone Color Institute, the authority on color and design trends, has declared turquoise the color of 2010. Leatrice Eiseman, the executive director for Pantone says, “In many cultures, Turquoise occupies a very special position in the world of color. It is believed to be a protective talisman, a color of deep compassion and healing, and a color of faith and truth, inspired by water and sky.” Turquoise replaces Mimosa Yellow, the official color of 2009. The sunny color represented hope … [Read more...]

5 Steps to a Blissful Home


Sometimes it can be difficult to find bliss, so why not let bliss find you? Making your home environment more blissful is easy with these five simple tips! 1) De-Clutter It’s difficult to be truly happy in a cluttered home. Little things that should be easy (like finding your car keys or wallet) become a hassle. A place with stuff everywhere can make a person feel overwhelmed, overloaded and a bit helpless. Who needs that kind of stress in their own home? Start decluttering by taking a good … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Organize your Kitchen for Efficient Cooking


Cooking is a pleasure and prerequisite to maintaining good health. It can be a task of ease, grace and greater joy when we have the kitchen organized and structured for proper flow and functionality. Eating healthy is vital, but how we cook directly impacts our health as well. Cooking in a hurried pace and being stressed out may still put a beautiful plate of food on the table, but it’s quality is diminished by the frustration we experience while cooking. 1. Bring in Beauty Even if your kitchen … [Read more...]

4 Houseplants that Clean the Air


A lot of people may not realize it, but often the air inside the home is dirtier than the air outside. With winter upon us, fewer windows are being opened more heaters are cranking out recycled air. Fortunately, you can rely on a tried and true remedy for getting access to clean air: the houseplant. We know from science class that plants give off oxygen, but you may have forgotten that they also have the capability to purify the air we breathe. In studies conducted by NASA and the Associated … [Read more...]

Non-Toxic Cleaners you Already Have


Walking down the cleaning aisle at the supermarket can be a very overwhelming experience. There are so many detergents, powders and sprays; it really makes you think: Do I need all of this stuff? The short answer is no. Ordinary household items serve as great cleaners. Besides being super cheap, the other plus is that they’re non-toxic and therefore safe for you and the environment. Vinegar Ordinary white vinegar doesn’t just clean windows, it cleans about everything! Because of its antiseptic … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Go Green(er)

There’s no doubt about it; the green revolution is in full swing! In the spirit of things you’ve started recycling and bringing along your own bags to the grocery store. Now what? There are a ton of small changes you can make to go the extra mile for the planet. And no, they don’t take a lot of time or money! 1) Invest in a Composting Bin Composting may seem a bit extreme to the everyday person, but with today’s technology, you can’t go wrong. Many of the bins are extremely easy to use and … [Read more...]

Home Office Feng Shui

If you are at all familiar with Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese practice of balancing your surroundings, you may have heard that one should never sit with their back to a door. This simple, general truth is based on the theory that you will feel uncomfortable and unable to focus well if you have your back to the opening of a room. This is also just plain common sense and most people can relate to this general premise. We all feel most stable with a view in front of us and a solid wall behind us. … [Read more...]

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