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ORGANIC FARM PERCHED ATOP FENWAY THIS SEASON Yes, that is kale sprouting up from the roof of Fenway.  Lots of it.  Alongside chard, chives, cilantro, strawberries and beyond.  It's all part of Fenway Farms, the 5,000 square foot organic garden positioned on the roof of the park's front office located on the third base side of the EMC level and State Street Pavilion level.  Utilizing a milk crate container growing system the farm is back again for the 2016 season and perfectly positioned to … [Read more...]

Into the Open – New England Farms


Who doesn’t love that time of week when you head to the farmers market, pick up your CSA or simply pop by the local farm stand. You become mesmerized by the vibrant colors, fresh aromas and dazzling textures of the produce. But have you taken the time to go beyond and explore the land from which mother nature created these masterpieces? With 65 organic farms and 111 sustainable farms in Massachusetts providing everything from produce and dairy to herbs and honey there are opportunities to … [Read more...]

Collapse of the Bees

Each shamanic tradition works with the healing power of archetypes, especially those of the plant people and the animal people. The defining archetype of the Northern Q’ero lineage is the Bee. The Bees and their Queen flew into this system of archetypes bringing with them some very timely teachings and insights into our own current cultural, environmental and community dilemmas. In the 1920’s Rudolph Steiner predicted the mass die-off of Bee Hives, which we are now witnessing, due to the long … [Read more...]

Gardens For Greener Homes

written by kyle roderick Anyone who grows or admires flowers, vegetables or houseplants has enjoyed the sensual pleasures that plants can provide. Gardens are also great healers and heart openers in that they engage the nurturing, life-loving soul in each of us. Oregon-based gardener Dan Barker has channeled his green wisdom and built over 1400 backyard gardens for elderly, disabled and low-income people in Portland, Oregon alone. As the founder of the non-profit The Home Gardening Project … [Read more...]

Flower Arranging 101

Perhaps the quickest, easiest and most satisfying way to bring sensual delight into your life is to fill your space with fresh flowers. Flowers super-charge our sensory-deprived offices and homes with intense color, fragile beauty and sweet aromas. Here is a crash course on the fundamentals of floral arranging: may your inner artist bloom. “You don’t need lots of money or exotics to make a wonderful arrangement,” says Los Angeles-based landscape architect and floral designer Philip Castiglia. … [Read more...]

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