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Traffic and Commute Reframe


Okay, since when did the 18 mile commute into the city morph into 90 minutes… on a good day? Regularly, I experience this arduous crawl. I know firsthand how this new norm violates, creeps into our already fractured “precious” time. I notice some folks leaning on assorted multi-tasking habits, but “technically” that kind of puts one at odds with the “rules” of the road and in the end probably only furthers scattered energies and feelings of defeat. Here’s a thought. What if tomorrow you were … [Read more...]

Summer Soothers ~ Seasonal Spa Treatments

Treatment Room-1ONA

  Good times under the sun’s rays can get the better of us sometimes, which calls for some TLC during the summer season. These treatments soothe and heal, and remind us to take extra care of ourselves. By Marina Chetner, Vanessa Harris, and Felicia Tomasko Beauty Balance Scalp Treatment Ona Spa Los Angeles If all signs of tension caused by traffic gridlock don’t dissipate upon entering the calm of this Balinese-inspired space, they will during Ona Spa’s Beauty Balance Scalp Treatment. … [Read more...]

Stress Release is Fun!

Stress release actually is fun. Our bodies get to say WHOOSH. The body knows how to release stress. It does it every day. These tools – meditation, yoga, breathing, are just ways of accessing the built-in skills your body has. Check out this info from my website: Yoga & Meditation is as American as Apple Pie, Almost The CDC - The Centers for Disease Control - conducted a nationwide survey and found that 7.5% of Americans have done Yoga (7.1% in the last month) and 10.2% have meditated, … [Read more...]

Stress Management For Children

written by marci zaroff stress management for children As a working mother who founded and directs the organic fiber fashion company Under the Canopy (www.underthecanopy.com), I know a thing or two about combining work and family life. In fact, I consider my daughter Jade and son Mason to be my greatest teachers. While I find major bliss in watching them grow up, the world that they are growing up in is so different from the one today’s parents experienced as youths. 21st century reality is way … [Read more...]

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