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Scents of Nature

written by kyle roderick It used to be that essential oils and natural perfumes were only available in health food stores and esoteric boutiques. With the mass interest in aromatherapy and green cosmetics, natural fragrances are increasingly available in stores and online-- for many reasons. … [Read more...]

Making Blissful Bath Salts

written by kyle roderick Autumn is a good time to move out of shower mode and into gourmet bathing with bath salts that soothe and scent your mind/body. If you want to customize your bathing experience, go ahead and make your own bath salts. Besides being less expensive than buying ready-made products, making your own bath salts is easy, fun and quick to do. Homemade bath salts make affordable and memorable holiday gifts, too. … [Read more...]

Rose Bliss

written by david crow The next time you stop to smell a rose, imagine that its deep, rich floral fragrance is a gift from nature to your heart and soul. In her generosity, the earth has blessed us with over five thousand varieties of this beautiful flower. However, only a few give the world-renowned treasure sought by perfumers: the oil of rose. … [Read more...]

Neroli: Sweet Sunlight

written by david crow Neroli is the fragrance of orange trees blossoming under the Moroccan and Tunisian sun. It is the fragrance that greets farmers as they begin another spring day of harvesting, gently plucking the tiny golden gems that shine from inside green citrus foliage. Many factors will influence the quality of the neroli oil: each blossom must be plucked when it is just starting to open; the buds must be gathered only on warm sunny days; the flowers cannot be bruised; leaflets and … [Read more...]

Lavender Bliss

written by david crow Lavender is one of the most well-known, versatile, and extensively used essential oils in the world. When we use this essential oil we receive the blessings of the feminine, because lavender could be described as an angel of healing from the floral realm, and an expression of the earth’s compassion. … [Read more...]


written by david crow Like scented stars appearing in the evening dusk, the night-blooming jasmine silently opens her five-petalled blossoms beneath our windows. In the dawn her sister will bloom, again filling the breeze with enchantment. Together, the jasmine sambac (night-blooming) and the jasmine grandiflorum (dawn-blooming) are among the most potent, ethereal, and intoxicating floral fragrances in the world. … [Read more...]

Frankincense Bliss

written by david crow Over two thousand years ago, three sages made their way across the desert, following celestial signs. Among the various gifts they carried for the newly incarnated Avatar was a collection of resinous tears, one of the most sacred substances and valued medicines of the time. Ever since then, frankincense has been remembered as a fragrance associated with the Christian holidays. … [Read more...]

Clary Sage

clary sage Fifteen hundred years ago, Padmasambhava, the Indian mystic who took Buddhism to Tibet, prophesized the challenging hardships that would afflict societies during the Kali Yuga. Among his many accurate predictions was that in this Dark Age, people would not be able to sleep. … [Read more...]

Aromatherapy Basics

Aromas are inescapable! Think about how you encounter them on a daily basis from roses in the garden, a cup of steaming mochacchino or soothing jasmine tea, basil that permeates spaghetti sauce, and fresh citrus juices. Noses detect hundreds of scents a day, and of those, the aromas of plants, fruits, barks and roots are able to do more than just feed us. Leaves from the tea tree plant not only heal cuts and burns, but the essential oil is strong enough to use as an all-purpose cleaner. The … [Read more...]

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