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22 Natural Remedies to Combat Colds and Flu


Cold and flu season is upon us again. Learn the difference between H1N1 and the regular flu, and how to combat the bugs, naturally. by Svetlana Konnikova, MA, AN Do you know that several hundred different viruses cause the common cold and a seasonal flu? You can get infected when sneezing and coughing people near you pass infected droplets into the environment. Usually it happens during cold winter months. However, a cold or flu can strike at any time. Cold season has already started. At … [Read more...]

5 Herbs to Calm your Nerves

When you’re super-stressed, sometimes taking a deep Belly Breath just doesn’t cut it. Fortunately there are herbs out there that can help you when you’re feeling anxious, nervous or overwhelmed. These five herbs have been hailed for centuries for their ability to help you chill out. Just as a precaution, you should always check with your doctor before taking any dietary supplement. Valerian Root Valerian Root is native to Europe and Asia and was used in ancient Greece to treat a variety of … [Read more...]

Stress Release is Fun!

Stress release actually is fun. Our bodies get to say WHOOSH. The body knows how to release stress. It does it every day. These tools – meditation, yoga, breathing, are just ways of accessing the built-in skills your body has. Check out this info from my website: Yoga & Meditation is as American as Apple Pie, Almost The CDC - The Centers for Disease Control - conducted a nationwide survey and found that 7.5% of Americans have done Yoga (7.1% in the last month) and 10.2% have meditated, … [Read more...]

How to Take a Belly Breath

Stressed out? It’s time to stop and take a deep belly breath. Here’s how: Place one or both hands on your belly. Rest your hands there lightly and notice the motion of your belly as you breathe. Again, think of your favorite smells, or loves, and notice what happens in your abdomen as you breathe. Continue this way for a dozen breaths or so--don’t count them, just go for a minute. Then place one hand on your belly and the other on your heart area, between your nipples. Rest your hands and … [Read more...]

10 Tips for Staying Healthy

10 Tips for Staying Healthy & Well In Times of Stress and Uncertainty With doom and gloom surrounding the economy, it would be easy to internalize the stress around us and let it grind us down. But no matter how the financial meltdown has touched your life, you don’t have to let it affect your spiritual, mental, and physical well- being. Each week on my radio show The Good Life with Jesse Dylan, I talk with the world’s leading experts in health of mind, body and spirit to give listeners the … [Read more...]

Guilt as an Ally

Is there anything you’ve been feeling guilty about? Have you slipped with your New Year’s resolutions? Or maybe you feel guilty you didn’t make any? Or is there a task you tell yourself you’re going to do but keep putting it off?  Many of us have been conditioned to use guilt in unhealthy ways. It is not necessary, useful, or enjoyable to use guilt to beat yourself up. After all, you are doing the best that you can!  Rather than an enemy, experience guilt as an ally supporting you in finding … [Read more...]

Kaya Regeneration Therapy

written by Rajkurma Reghunathan, M.D Kaya Regeneration Therapy, one of the techniques used for longevity in Siddha Vaidya is practiced in Kerala, "the emerald state," in South India. This special technique of body treatment is traditionally used for physical, emotional and sexual health. It enhances vitality, physical beauty, functionality and productivity. As part of the broad spectrum of medical practices which constitute the Siddha Vaidya medical system, it acts as an immune-modulator, … [Read more...]

Your Blissful Brain

If you think you are too young and healthy to experience memory loss, think again: after age 20, memory decreases by 1 to 2 % per year. (For those of us who partied hard, memory may have decreased even more.) Fact is, everyone over 30 has some degree of memory loss, which usually becomes significant by age 45. 76 million American baby boomers comprise the most rapidly increasing age group at the greatest risk of developing memory loss, including mild cognitive impairment (MCI), dementia, and … [Read more...]

Herbs That Chill

Who among us doesn’t want, need or look forward to chilling out with legal, effective and nontoxic help? Here are some herbal tea time tips that can help you remake/remodel your mood in a matter of minutes. Some caveats, however: *As with all plant products, some people may be allergic to the herbs discussed below. *If you are taking prescription drugs, first ask your doctor if there are any known drug interactions with the herbs listed here. … [Read more...]

Reducing Electrostress

relax by reducing electrostress You may not have heard the term electrostress yet, but your body has been living with it for years. For instance, after a long day of staring into the computer and bathing in the radiation it emits, "You may feel physically exhausted and mentally agitated," says Santa Cruz, CA. naturopath Theresa Dale, Ph.D. This is because the energy emitted by the computer enters your body's electromagnetic field, literally changing the way your cells, organs and body systems … [Read more...]

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