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Vedic Astrology Summer 2013

  by Sam Geppi   The heat of the summer ushers in the intense energy of the warrior planet Mars during a  Mercury retrograde cycle. Stay active, stay cool, write, and meditate to receive the benefit of these energetic forces.   July 4 There’s a high potential for arguments during the next month and a half, beginning when Mars enters Gemini. Mars is a planet of action, and Gemini, a sign of ideas. There could impatient and/or cutting conversations until August 18, … [Read more...]

Horoscope July/August 2013

ARIES This summer there is a focus on your growth and expansion emotionally and relationally--particularly when it comes to family connections and dynamics. With planets piling up in your 4th house and the Grand Water Trine lighting up your other water houses--it is time to turn within and address the past and its impact on your present, as well as tune into your dreams, intuition, and spiritual side. At the same time there is testing about what you really want, especially when it comes to your … [Read more...]

Elixir of Youth: Wine

The key to youth and vitality may be sitting in your own cupboard. Check out how you can benefit from wine and the science behind it. by Svetlana Konnikova, MA, AN Researchers have found that resveratrol in red wine is almost an Elixir of Youth and can help to extend your life.  What percentage of the worlds centenarians live in the United States? You may be surprised to find that it’s 84%. These people are so lucky to live a whole century and see so many changes in life, science, medicine, … [Read more...]

Why You Need to Cut Back on Salt

According to new research, cutting your salt intake may be more important than you may think. A new study reports that if the United States cut its salt intake by just a half teaspoon a day, we could prevent 92,000 deaths and 99,000 heart attacks a year. "The [ heart] benefits of reduced salt intake are on par with the benefits of population-wide reductions in tobacco use, obesity, and cholesterol levels," says Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo, PhD. The culprit, says researchers, isn’t the saltshaker, … [Read more...]

Enter to Win our Kleen Kanteen Sweepstakes!


We're giving away a pair of Kleen Kanteen water bottles! They are portable, lightweight, and best of all, way better than those disposable plastic bottles. To be entered, simply create a post below telling us your favorite way to work up a sweat. One winner will be chosen at random. Good Luck! For complete sweepstakes rules, click here. … [Read more...]

8 Healing Herbs for Curing What Ails You


by Svetlana Konnikova, MA, AN Many healing herbs, plants and flowers have been traditionally used for centuries in our homes to treat a variety of minor illnesses and injuries. What follows is a list of safe and useful herbs that can be used to treat different ailments and conditions during New Year. Raspberries are my favorite berries, a good source of vitamin C. I love to eat them fresh, to put into my hot tea. When one of the members of my family has cold or flu –1-2 teaspoons of … [Read more...]

New Year, New You – The Ayurveda Way

Good health is a life-long process. Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of health and longevity offers us many simple yet profound tips for maintaining a lifestyle that can be sustained for an entire lifetime. “Ayur’ means longevity, ‘veda’ means science, this science of longevity is user-friendly and is applicable universally. Ayurveda states that there are three body/mind constitutions that are formed by pairing up the five elements, namely Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Vata is composed of air and … [Read more...]

Our Dreams are Healing Remedies

Beautiful young woman sleeping

Are you a dreamer? Whether you call yourself a dreamer or not, experts say that everyone has several dreams every night. Only those dreams that occur right when you wake up, you are likely to recall. Many are just forgotten. Do you know that how you remember your dreams depends upon your health, your personality, your motivation, new skills, and the part of the world you live in. by Svetlana Konnikova, MA, AN I know some people that learned to use their dreams to solve problems, stimulate … [Read more...]

Enter to Win our Aurorae Yoga Mat Giveaway!


Thanks to everyone that entered this generous giveaway from Aurorae. This is now closed. To further your commitment to Finding Bliss in 2010, we’re giving away an Aurorae Yoga Mat! This ultra-thick Yoga Mat provides enough cushioning to protect your joints (no-doubling up!) and is eco-friendly to boot. To be entered to win this giveaway, simply comment below telling us your favorite yoga pose and why. The winner will receive one (1) Aurorae Yoga Mat in the color of their choice, valued at … [Read more...]

3 Secrets of the Super-Fit

Abs, abs, abs!!!

Ever check out a super-fit person at the gym and wonder, “How do I get a body like that?” Well, some of it is genetics, but the secret to being ultra-fit is in your hands. Want to know what the pros know? Read on! The Super-Fit Like to Work Out Most of us can’t imagine a situation where we’d be simply aching to get to the gym after a few days off. However, most people who are in really great shape need to work out or they just don’t feel right. The intense desire to exercise can stem from a … [Read more...]

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