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Body Bistro

Carina Chatlani, founder of BODY BISTRO cosmetics, had a decidedly eclectic upbringing. Carina was born in Bombay, India, and later lived in the US, Germany and England. Her grandparents studied Indian Cosmology, and instilled in Carina a respect for the science of Ayurveda. Carina's interest in Ayurveda drove her to the Himalayan Mountains, where she studied herbal medicine with Indian and Tibetan sages. Carina rounded out her education by obtaining a degree in Biological Science and Plant … [Read more...]

Home Spa Tips – Decadent Foot Scrub


After a summer in flip flops, our feet need a little special attention. Try this easy recipe for a natural summer foot scrub: Ingredients ½ cup granulated sugar - (may replace with sea salts or cornmeal). 2 tablespoons olive oil - (may replace with softened coconut oil or avocado oil). A few drops of Essential Oil - (You can choose one individual oil, such as Peppermint which will leave feet feeling cool and fresh. Or try a homemade blend, such as equal parts Peppermint, Lavender and Lemon. … [Read more...]

Skin Care, New Zealand Style

written by kyle roderick Did you know that the vast majority of skin care products (from luxury lines all the way down to discount ranges) contain multiple chemical ingredients whose health hazards are either known to be dangerous or have yet to be determined? In the U.S., American politician Senator Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts and other members of Congress have urged the FDA to reform guidelines regarding permissable chemical ingredients in skin care and cosmetic products. … [Read more...]

Your Personal Scent Wardrobe

written by kyle roderick building your personal scent wardrobe You probably already know that wearing scent can change your mood or lift your spirit. According to research conducted at Chicago's Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, (www.scienceofsmell.com) however, scent also has the power to profoundly alter your performance for the better in intimate and professional life. … [Read more...]

Making Blissful Bath Salts

written by kyle roderick Autumn is a good time to move out of shower mode and into gourmet bathing with bath salts that soothe and scent your mind/body. If you want to customize your bathing experience, go ahead and make your own bath salts. Besides being less expensive than buying ready-made products, making your own bath salts is easy, fun and quick to do. Homemade bath salts make affordable and memorable holiday gifts, too. … [Read more...]

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