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Live the Slow Life

Living the slow life with food as the focus is as rewarding as it is easy, and it can be done daily by each one of us. Living the slow life can also be done with others, because part of the pleasure of slow food and the Slow Food movement is in sharing, which is why the convivia are so compelling. What could be more fun than sharing a passion for good food and wine with other people who feel the same way? Some convivia have only a dozen or so members, while others may have 60 or more, yet each … [Read more...]

Edible Communities Publications

Edible Sacramento Summer 08

If you love great food, eat locally grown, organic produce and enjoy cooking or just reading about fantastic food you should connect with your local edition of Edible Publications. Most of the 40+ individually owned companies put out beautiful quarterly magazine that connect family farmers, consumers, growers, chefs and foodies from all walks of life. … [Read more...]

A Farm Restaurant in Westport

written by corinne bourdeau koski Michel Nischan, organic chef and a well known proponent of sustainable and healthy food, has teamed up with philanthropist and actor Paul Newman to open The Dressing Room, a new restaurant located near the Westport Country Playhouse. The Dressing Room Homegrown Restaurant combines three popular elements of the American culture - food, theater and farming. The restaurant promises to celebrate regional recipes and "neighborly hospitality" The Dressing Room's … [Read more...]

Vegetable Tostada Salad

by mary sue milliken & susan feniger / photography by jasper johal World renowned chefs, Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger, known as The Border Girls and founders of The Border Grill Restaurant, share their recipe for a fresh and tasty springtime treat. … [Read more...]

How To Cook Your Life

written by rossiter drake Ordained as a Zen priest in 1971 after six years of intensive study, Edward Espe Brown has dedicated his life not only to spiritual exploration, but to the creation of fine organic foods. He has served as head resident teacher at each of the San Francisco Zen Center’s three regional temples; authored bestselling cookbooks including “The Tassajara Bread Book”; and, as co-founder of Greens, the pioneering vegetarian eatery nestled in the heart of Fort Mason, has been … [Read more...]

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