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Seasoned to Perfection ~ Chef Suzanne Goin


Words by Bekah Wright, Photography by David Young-Wolff As Suzanne Goin settles in on a window ledge of A.O.C. Restaurant during the photo shoot for this article, one can’t help but think of a comment she’s just made about the growth of the businesses she shares with partner Caroline Styne. “It’s right here,” she’d said, straining the top of her head against her hand in reference to a ceiling. “We always have a lot of irons in the fire, and this is the year everything happened.”  Goin’s path … [Read more...]

Turmeric-Spiced Root Vegetables ~ by Suzanne Goin


From the  article, Seasoned to Perfection by Bekah Wright, as featured in the Fall issue of Find Bliss 2013. Turmeric is a rhizome or rootstock of a South Asian member of the ginger family. As the major ingredient in curry and a cheaper alternative to saffron, it is commonly used in Indian, South Asian, and Middle Eastern cooking as much it seems, for its color as for its flavor. In fact, in the past turmeric was used for dyeing textiles and fabrics, for making cosmetics, and even for religious … [Read more...]

Wine Cheese Chocolate July/August

Sangria with bottle

  Compiled by Vanessa Harris Photos by David Young-Wolff Sangria by Frey Organic Wine   Do you love red wine but find it a bit too robust for the warm summer months? Here’s a solution: Frey Organic Red Wine crafted into a homemade sangria makes for a refreshing tipple to enjoy any time of the year. Located in Mendocino County, Frey Vineyards is the largest winery to have taken on the challenge of producing truly organic wine. Made with no added sulfites, their wines support … [Read more...]

Green Splendor: The Quest for Fresh Inspires Restaurant Gardens


There is a growing awareness across the country about the story of food.  Despite the many failures of our current national food system, there are shining examples of communities that care for the way food is grown, shared, and consumed -- and the public is welcoming this movement with open arms.   By Britta Turner   Throughout Southern  California - in Los Angeles, specifically - you may have noticed many neighborhood restaurants serving locally-sourced ingredients. What … [Read more...]

Wine Cheese and Chocolate June 2013


Living Light with Raw   By Vanessa Harris Valli Unite’s Il Brut and the Beast Vino da Tavola   While perusing Matthew Kenney’s M.A.K.E. menu in Santa Monica, you’ll come across a list of assorted homemade and brewed beverages: almond milk, cold pressed juices, fizzy kombuchas, and fruity smoothies. The refreshment that may catch you off guard on the strictly raw menu is Valli Unite’s Il Brut and the Beast sparkling wine.   This biodynamic sparkling wine is … [Read more...]

Food for the Soul – Huckleberry Cafe


Zoe Nathan creates space for nourishment in more ways than one. I'm at the bustling Huckleberry Café & Bakery on Wilshire in Santa Monica. Within seconds of sitting down at a wooden tabletop cheered by a vase of freshly picked ranunculus, I'm greeted with a burst of energy. It's Zoe Nathan, and she's right on time for our interview. Dressed in an apron, white T-shirt, blue jeans, and a pair of black Converse sneakers, her outfit conveys a hardworking pastry chef and cool mom. Jovial in … [Read more...]

Granola Recipe


Based on the “Housemade Granola” served at Huckleberry Café & Bakery. By Zoe Nathan Serves 4 There are a thousand variations of granola, so mix in anything you like when preparing it. Every house should have its own recipe -- I like mine not to be too sweet, but if you like yours sweeter, add more honey to this recipe. If your family likes coconut, throw in sweetened toasted coconut. For a chocolate granola, omit the cinnamon, add an additional 1/2 tsp salt, use only toasted … [Read more...]

San Geronimo Cheese


Standing somewhere between a Raclette and a Fontina, this cheese is an excellent introduction to the rich, fascinating world of washed rind cheeses. Yes, these are the cheeses that usually get a bad rap in old timey cartoons. Often milder than their noses would suggest, washed rind cheeses are typified by their satisfying mouth-feel, grassy/beefy notes, and meltability. San Geronimo continues in the tradition of Swiss/Italian cheesemakers by way of Nicasio, California—made possible by the … [Read more...]

Main Squeeze – Cold Pressed Juices are Heating Up


Golden Globe winner Anne Hathaway is known to drink these energy inducing elixirs, as does the acclaimed Silver Linings Play- book lead Bradley Cooper. Perhaps we’ve found Steven Tyler's fountain of youth - the Aerosmith frontman looks younger than his 64 years. Raw, nutritionally packed, and concentrated with a high dose of vitamins and minerals, live juice is emerging as part of the daily routine and not just as another diet trend, judging by the number of newly-opened cold-pressed juice … [Read more...]

Catching up with Chef Jason Bowlin

Just a stones throw away from catching your own meal, Chef Bowlin offers a unique menu at Catch Restaurant and Wine

By Sannam Nourouzian From its location literally steps away from the ocean, with views of the pier out its floor-to-ceiling windows, to its dishes featuring seasonal ingredients that are locally grown by our fellow California residents, Catch Restaurant and Wine Bar catches the vibe of the California Coast, embodying the spirit of Los Angeles as it is known and imagined around the world.  Located in the blissfully beachy Hotel Casa Del Mar, Catch Restaurant in Santa Monica is home to the … [Read more...]

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