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Find Bliss Los Angeles 8-27-2009


Writing stories about any topic is always a genuine learning experience. This week, I took a walk into Lavender Natural Beauty, a store which sells all organic products for the body. Let's just say that I walked out, hands full of brochures and a mind full of confusion. How can most companies promote their products as "organic" or healthy, when they were are in fact the opposite? I learned a lot, including the fact that my makeup is packed with metals (and that was just the tip of the iceberg). … [Read more...]

Find Bliss Los Angeles 8-13-09


Thanks for joining us again in this week's edition of Find Bliss LA. So many of us are spending more time at home, especially those who have gone freelance with all the recent layoffs. More the reason to make your home a sanctuary. A pleasant space to work and live, yet feel calm and creative as well. Noting this importance, we created a new section, "Home as Sanctuary." Here we will show you how to bring out the best in your living space by discussing topics including feng shui, clearing and … [Read more...]

This Week In LA

Tonight Ben Stiller is introducing the powerful documentary The Cove at the Landmark Theater. This is a must see film about mass dolphin slaughter that is very well done and gaining high praise from film makers and environmentalist alike. I look forward to meeting Ben and getting answers to some pressing questions. The folks from Meaningful Media will be there as well as a slew of other activists and actors. We need more films like this to shine the light on the shadow activities happening … [Read more...]

Find Bliss Los Angeles 7-30-09

All of us can agree on one thing. We love to call Los Angeles our home. With so much to do, how do we narrow down the options to find places that not only give us bliss, but make us feel good about what we are doing? Well, this is our job. So sit back, relax, and read up on our favorites. Join us as we cruise Larchmont, indulge in imported Belgian chocolates, learn the benefits of organic coffee, lounge our eyes upon eco-friendly furniture, and take a weekend getaway to Ventura, where we paddle … [Read more...]

This Week In LA

Looking forward to a great summer music line up this week with Joan Baez at the Santa Monica Pier tonight, Donna de Lory and others tomorrow at Lululemon and Krishnas Das the grand master of kirtan Saturday night at the Ebell. You can find me finding my bliss at these events. Be sure and check out the Find Bliss Los Angeles newsletter for more amazing events every week in LA... Be well. … [Read more...]

Find Bliss Los Angeles 6-9-09


What is your deepest desire? To nourish the body with healthy delicious food, indulge in spa treatments, dance under the stars on the beach, or hit the road for the trip of lifetime? Test your boundaries, try something new but by all means get out there and find your bliss today. This week Los Angeles is blessed to have an amazing line up of musical talent in Joan Baez, Krishna Das, Donna de Lory and many others. There are also wonderful weekend getaways, including San Diego's Torrey Pines and … [Read more...]

Swimming Downstream

Living the life of your dreams is like being in the flow…literally. Have you ever been swimming in a river? Take a minute and picture heading out into the river of your choice. If you head out and swim upstream you will get an excellent workout and depending on how fast the water is moving you downstream the scenery will never change. You paddle like crazy but go absolutely nowhere. Kind of like life, paddle like crazy but the scene on shore never changes…plus, every now and then a log comes … [Read more...]

Celebrating Love In Los Angeles

Celebrating Love in Los Angeles Looking for some fresh ideas to treat yourself and your lover to this month? February is the perfect month to celebrate love and add some spark to your relationship. These are some of our favorite blissfully romantic destinations within Los Angeles. Find Bliss Suggests Take a Yoga class together at Golden Bridge, then stroll up to Zen Zoo tea on Vine (near Sunset) for a Dragon Tea, then hit the Arclight for a showing of He's Just Not That Into You. Take a Yoga … [Read more...]

Do You Have a Dream Today?

Is Dr. King's dream complete now that Barack H. Obama is sitting in the White House? Not even close but it is becoming a walking, talking reality ready to bring the next part of the dream to life. So, do you have a dream? Is it walking and talking? or at least crawling? One of my favorite but sometimes overused quotes is "A rising tide lifts all boats" and I try to use that to my advantage whenever possible. My dream is to help other people find their true selves and alter their lives so that … [Read more...]

Twas The Day Before Change

November 4, 2008 feels like a long, long time ago. Maybe it is just me but even with all the staff announcements and a few short press conferences over the past two months I feel a bit out of touch with "Hope" right now. Yesterday helped a bit although I chose to watch the playoffs most of the day instead of following the goings on in Washington so it did not have the full affect. … [Read more...]

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