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Rooms with a History and a View


  On December 23, 1680, 22 men from Stamford, Connecticut, founded the Town of Bedford when they purchased fur coats, blankets, wampum, and cloth, and a tract of land three miles square known as the "Hopp Ground," from several Native Americans, including Chief Katonah. These Stamford proprietors were New England Puritans who promptly set about planning their new settlement, providing for a meetinghouse and gristmill on the Mianus River, as well as a burying ground.  Bedford’s modern … [Read more...]

Find Bliss New York Premiere Issue

Cover and description goes here. … [Read more...]

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Discover Your Bliss in New York You love New York! You live here, you work here, and you visit as often as you can. But it’s not always easy to keep up with the abundance of fine, affordable farm to table restaurants, yoga classes, spectacular spas, and amazing homes with all kinds of innovative, sacred spaces. Let our dedicated team of New York yogis, chefs, designers, farmers, and writers inspire your personal quest to create a lifestyle that focuses on all things blissful, delicious and … [Read more...]

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