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How to “Close the Decade”

It’s the end of the year and the end of a decade. Time magazine recently named the first ten years of the 2000s the “Decade from Hell.” Whether you agree or not, now’s the time to look at how you spent this decade and how you plan to spend the next one. We refer to this as “Closing the Decade.” It’s a moment to reflect, to rejoice, and to look ahead to what comes next. Many of us are so driven we rarely take the time to look back on what we’ve actually done rather than what we’re going to do … [Read more...]

Military Families Gear up for Goodbyes

By Amanda Salem According to the Huffington Post, President Barack Obama may be softening the blow of his plan for a 30,000-troop surge to Afghanistan by setting an exit strategy for July 2011. However, if you ask one of the many Marines gathered at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina Monday -- exit strategy or not -- it’s the support of family that gets them through their deployment overseas. President Obama announced the surge last week, which has left many military families gearing up, not … [Read more...]

The Find Bliss 2009 Gift Guide


The holidays are once again upon us, which means it’s officially shopping season. This year, we’d like to introduce a few products that we think are just great. The best part is that they are all just a click away at the Find Bliss store. Enjoy!     Bath Filter This simple device removes chlorine from your bathwater, so you can indulge in a natural, chemical-free experience. Because chlorine can strip your body of natural oils, the recipient can expect softer skin and hair. … [Read more...]

Enter to Win our Box of Bliss Sweepstakes!


Congrats to Kimberly R., winner of our Box of Bliss Sweepstakes! Kimberly told us that her sister, a new mom, could use a Box of Bliss. We hope the two of you enjoy. Conrats again and thanks to everyone for entering! Great thanks to everyone that commented and shared their touching and thoughtful stories this sweepstakes is now closed. Find Bliss is giving away Boxes of Bliss! Is there a friend or family member you know that needs a little pampering right now? Enter to win our Sweepstakes and … [Read more...]


Get this DELUXE Find Bliss yoga bag FREE (value $37) when you buy a sustainable Yogi Toes Skidless or Moss colored Manduka Eko Yoga Mat. Choose from more than a dozen awesome colors of Yogi Toes. Get your Free yoga mat bag here. … [Read more...]

Organic Fashion

written by kyle roderick organic and recycled fashion report While clothing is one of our greatest vehicles for expressing personal style, the downside of fashion is that every year, the textile industry creates millions of pounds of toxins that poison our environment. The good news is that organic and recycled fashions are blooming all over in mass market retail lines, national health food stores, exclusive boutiques and even in online shops. Here's a glimpse of who's designing innovative, … [Read more...]

David Beckham’s Energy Muse Health Necklace


LA Galaxy Soccer star David Beckham wears the Health, Prosperity and Performance necklaces as wrapped bracelets while out on the town in Los Angeles. Read more about David Beckham. The Energy Muse Health necklace has been created to enhance and protect your physical well-being. Turquoise, known as the Stone of Heaven, is considered a master healer. This stone works to protect and align the chakras, which in turn strengthens the overall body. Sodalite, also a healing stone, has been added to … [Read more...]

Energy Muse – Strength Necklace

Strength Necklace with Coin - Vitality, Will, Re-Energizing A Powerful new addition to the Energy Muse Jewelry Collections now available on FindBliss.com Wear the Necklace of AVP Volleyball Champions & Beijing Olympic Contenders Elaine Youngs (EY) & Nicole Branagh. EY and Nicole are geared up to "Go for Gold" in this summer's Beijing Olympics. Read more about EY and Nicole. This Energy Muse piece is worn to align with the energy of Strength. We have the strength to achieve whatever … [Read more...]

Gaia’s Got a Brand New Bag

written by kyle roderick gaia's got a brand new bag: stylish, earth-friendly purses Whether you're a career woman, soccer mom, student or nomad, few females can deny the power of the purse, backpack, tote, clutch or saddle bag to help them navigate successfully through the world. This home truth is reaffirmed by handbag ads in hundreds of fashion magazines around the world, along with everyday experience. Take my son's first grade classroom photograph, for example. While the children look … [Read more...]

Live the Slow Life

Living the slow life with food as the focus is as rewarding as it is easy, and it can be done daily by each one of us. Living the slow life can also be done with others, because part of the pleasure of slow food and the Slow Food movement is in sharing, which is why the convivia are so compelling. What could be more fun than sharing a passion for good food and wine with other people who feel the same way? Some convivia have only a dozen or so members, while others may have 60 or more, yet each … [Read more...]

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