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Chakra Astrology – August

written by aura galadriel wright / illustrations by kiko kennedy August 2008 Welcome to Chakra Astrology. This look reflects the wisdom of the ancients. Each sign is ruled by one of the 7 planets (stars) that can be seen in the sky with our eyes. From the top down, they are: Jupiter, the Moon, Venus, Mercury, the Sun, Mars and Saturn. These 7 planets equate with the 7 Chakras, which is reflected by the colors below. Each sign is color coded to match the Chakra it corresponds with. … [Read more...]

astrology- new moon in virgo conjunct saturn

Divine Harmony Astrology Reading

as i write this we are in the hours of the dark moon, the three days prior to the new moon that is the end of the current moon cycle and is a time to withdraw, retreat and go within. introspection and meditation are very fruitful during the dark of the moon, and powerful insights on the current moon cycle ending as well as the new one approaching can be gleaned. right now the dark moon is in virgo, the sign of the new moon, which shows a direct link between the ending of the previous cycle and … [Read more...]

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