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Weekly Horoscope August 2

this week mars finishes of his activation of the grand cross early in the week and then venus moves into libra on friday and commences her activation of the grand cross as well. both the masculine and the feminine are getting a shake up and a wake up call right now. with libra involved this is playing out in relationships- particularly romantic ones- as well as in situations involving money and self-worth. on monday jupiter squares pluto, expanding our need for transformation or our need for … [Read more...]

Weekly Horoscope July 26

this week is potent and intense! it seems like those words accurately sum up most of 2010 so far and definitely the next month of outer planet transits, and this week is no exception. on monday saturn opposes uranus for the 5th and final time, but for the first time in the signs of libra and aries. the pitting of the old versus the new, status quo versus change, commitment and stability versus change and rebellion is in full effect this week! shifts in how we relate to the Sacred Feminine … [Read more...]

Weekly Horoscope July 19

it's a busy week and it will stay that way for the next month as the grand cross perfects itself over the coming weeks- so brace yourself! saturn moves into libra where he will stay for the next 2 1/2 years helping us to restructure and redefine our relationships and boundaries. on friday jupiter stations retrograde in aries (the sign opposite libra) toning down the warrior energy and asking us to find balance between jupiter's assertive, dynamic, unbounded energy and saturn's structured, … [Read more...]

Weekly Horoscope July 7

the main event this week is the solar eclipse in cancer occurring on saturday (7/11), marking the passageway out of the eclipse portal that began at the last lunar eclipse on 6/26. eclipses are potent lunations that bring profound change and support our evolution- whether we are on board with it or not! eclipses speed up our evolutionary growth- and also our karma. the lunar eclipse two weeks ago unearthed a lot of shadow that needs to be acknowledged, and the last two weeks were a time of … [Read more...]

Weekly Horoscope June 28

it's a week full of karmic processing and opportunities to communicate Truth and be in integrity in our committed relationships (personal and professional)! last week's kick off to the summer of astrology was intense- and many things have likely erupted in your life. this week we have the opportunity to deal with them- and when it comes to the karmic south node getting to the root of things is the only way to deal with them once and for all. we each have opportunities to do some deep Soul … [Read more...]

Weekly Horoscope June 21

it's a potent week with the astrology that kicks off the dynamic summer of 2010 (check out my recent blog 'a summer to remember' for more detailed info).  the sun moves into cancer on monday to mark the summer solstice and fills in the missing piece of the cardinal grand cross made with jupiter, saturn, uranus and pluto that builds throughout july and august .  then on saturday the lunar eclipse falls in capricorn and is conjunct pluto, the lord of the underworld.  this is a potent time of … [Read more...]

Weekly Horoscope May 3

this week has a lot of activity- too much to include in one written horoscope (it would be a couple pages long!) so i am focusing on the hot spots.  to see the more detailed aspects read my weekly astrology blog which talks about every major aspect that occurs during the week.  the hot spot this week is mars!  mars has been in leo for over 6 months now!  mars entered leo in mid-october of last year and then stationed retrograde in late december for just under 3 months.  typically mars speeds … [Read more...]

Solar Eclipse in Capricorn 1/14/10

solar eclipse in capricorn 1/14/10 at 11:11pm PST we are in the eclipse portal as i write. can you feel it? the eclipse portal began on new year's eve day when the lunar eclipse in cancer occurred and from that point until this thursday at 11:11pm PST when the solar eclipse in capricorn occurs we are in something akin to a wormhole. a wormhole is a shortcut through time and space. it takes us from where we have been and moves us quite quickly to where we need to be, and the ride from point A to … [Read more...]

Weekly Horoscope May 24

this week's main event is huge- uranus, the great awakener and harbringer of change, moves out of pisces and into aries.  anytime outer planets move into new signs significant shifts occur, but because this shift is from the last sign of the zodiac (pisces) to the first sign of the zodiac (aries) it is even more potent.  this is truly the end of an era and the beginning of a new one- personally and collectively.  of course this necessitates letting go of some aspect of the past- be it a person, … [Read more...]

Weekly Horoscope April 26

this week is huge.  we have the fourth of five saturn/uranus oppositions occurring on monday- igniting our lives and heightening any tension therein to force our hand and help us change.  the full moon in scorpio on wednesday is intense- the sun is aligned with retrograde mercury in taurus, opposite the moon and all three are squared by mars.  scorpio likes to dig deep, ferret out secrets and get to the bottom of things.  things can get unearthed and they can get a bit fiesty with mars on board. … [Read more...]

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