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Fall Astrology 2013


by Divine Harmony ~~ Aries  The Fall season coincides with the second set of eclipses of 2013, and the first one falls in your sign, bringing focus to your life direction and your relationships. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on October 18 is asking you to let go of old ways of being so that new ways of relating and connecting can come in. In November, a disrupting and restructuring energy infuses your entire life. This energy is about rebirthing yourself and being so centered in your own power … [Read more...]

Vedic Astrology Summer 2013

  by Sam Geppi   The heat of the summer ushers in the intense energy of the warrior planet Mars during a  Mercury retrograde cycle. Stay active, stay cool, write, and meditate to receive the benefit of these energetic forces.   July 4 There’s a high potential for arguments during the next month and a half, beginning when Mars enters Gemini. Mars is a planet of action, and Gemini, a sign of ideas. There could impatient and/or cutting conversations until August 18, … [Read more...]

Horoscope July/August 2013

ARIES This summer there is a focus on your growth and expansion emotionally and relationally--particularly when it comes to family connections and dynamics. With planets piling up in your 4th house and the Grand Water Trine lighting up your other water houses--it is time to turn within and address the past and its impact on your present, as well as tune into your dreams, intuition, and spiritual side. At the same time there is testing about what you really want, especially when it comes to your … [Read more...]


June Astrological Forecast By Divine Harmony   ARIES This month focuses on your home, family, roots, and foundation. With Cancer in the root of your chart you seek comfort, safety, and security in the place that you lay your head at night.  This either brings back memories of a sweet childhood or it serves to provide you with all that was lacking in your childhood. Yet with the influx of energy this month you may find that changes or disruptions in your home or in the fabric of … [Read more...]

May 2013 Astrology

ARIES This month has a huge focus on testing and mastery over the material aspects of life. How you deal with debt, money, power, and control is a huge focus. The pull toward making decisions based on material comforts, safety, and security is strong, but the Eclipses this month require that you let go of karmic patterns of the past so that you can grow, evolve, and transform! Pay attention to the 20th as significant shifts, sudden reversals, breakdowns, and breakthroughs regarding your life … [Read more...]

April 2013 Astrology

ARIES- April has your name written all over it as all the personal planets end up in Aries at some point during this fire starter month!  With Uranus in your sign for 7 years you are awakening to a greater sense of yourSelf, your path and your role as an activist.  Watch out for tempers flaring or assertion turning into aggression, as so many planets in your sign does not make you the best compromiser or peace maker.  Pay close attention to mid month as opportunities for change, but also … [Read more...]

Weekly Horoscope Sept 6

this is the last week of mercury retrograde, much of which is spent in the 'storm phase' of mercury going backward- meaning he is going super, super sloooooow.  when any planet is stationing it has the most power, yet when it is still retrograde the power is on the more unconscious, internal realms.  all manner of mercury-related things (communication, transportation, commerce, money, technology) can go haywire during mercury retrograde- so take note.  this week features the new moon on … [Read more...]

Weekly Horoscope August 30

this week marks the midway point of the mercury retrograde cycle as the sun and mercury align by both declination and degree- making a superior conjunction between the conscious self and ego and the conscious mind and intellect. important conversations and insights that reveal much are likely- so keep your ears and mind open! both the sun and mercury trine the north node this week making communication key to evolutionary growth. being grounded, committed and paying attention to the details … [Read more...]

Weekly Horoscope August 23

with mercury retrograde for the next 3 weeks (until 9/12) and a plethora of mercury aspects throughout this week our internal, introspective journey of the conscious mind and intellect is highlighted. wherever mercury is retrograding in your chart you are being asked to rethink, review and revise things on a deep level. paying attention to the details is key with virgo but watch for the tendency to overanalyze and stay in the head. we need to drop down into the unconscious when mercury goes … [Read more...]

Weekly Horoscope August 9

this week's activity starts out with a bang with the new moon in leo and venus' activation of the jupiter/pluto square occurring on the same day- monday. the new moon is symbolic of new beginnings- yet this one is interacting with nearly every planet in a dynamic (and perhaps intense) way, making this new moon doubly potent. the new moon's activation of the grand cross points us in the direction of where to put our energy in order to deal with the karmic quickening (aka grand cross energies) … [Read more...]

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