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Exercises to Refresh During Your Workday


You may know this one: It’s 3pm, and the energy that’s kept you humming all morning is long gone...and so is the lunch you ate (probably at your desk) a couple of hours ago. You feel a lag in brain power, and head to the vending machine or corner café for a pick-me-up. Does this sound familiar? Thankfully, there are healthier ways to power up and reset. By Daisy Swan We are a busy bunch of workaholics. We work hard, juggle a lot, and find ourselves handicapped by omnipresent technology. … [Read more...]

Yoga at Home


by Nona Jordan A home practice is the heart of Yoga. That being said, it took me years to get into the groove of practicing at home. It’s daunting, and, I felt that if I couldn’t devote an hour, it wasn’t worth it. If this line of reasoning sounds familiar, please, learn from me and take this to heart: If you have 10 minutes, practice 10 minutes and bask in your 10 minute home practice. Even 10 minutes (heck, even 5 minutes) per day can be transformative. When we come to Yoga or Meditation, we … [Read more...]

How Yoga Changes Us


by Nona Jordan Have you ever noticed how when you get tense or angry, you might tighten your belly or clench your jaw, or your shoulders come up around your ears? These reactions are, at their essence, body memories--habitual ways that our bodies respond to certain stimulus. Especially, I think, when we don’t express our negative emotions, they can get stored and compound our responses in the here and now. (ie; have you ever overreacted to a situation? I believe this is often a result of stored … [Read more...]

Oceans of Yoga

T. Krishnamacharya, the father of Desikachar, taught Pattabhi Jois and B. K. S. Iyenger. They were young boys and their teacher devised yoga practices to suit their individual body types and energies. T.K.V. Desikachar, a former-engineer-turned-yogi carries on his father's values that were brought down from the Tibetan mountains–that the individual comes first and that there is only one yoga. His son, Kausthub, agrees. … [Read more...]

Women’s Yoga

Kyle Roderick: What asana can women do at different points of the day when they are at work or at home to remedy anxiety, restlessness or that spaced-out feeling? Mark Whitwell: Although there is no substitute for a yoga practice somewhere in the day, to support this by some light moving and breathing randomly in the day routine is supremely helpful. For a few moments move and breath with the arms raised inhaling and arms lowered exhalation. This is the exacting process of strength receiving, … [Read more...]

Puppy Dog Stretch Yoga-At-Your-Desk Series

The Puppy Dog stretch is good for your shoulders, back, and hamstrings. It will rejuvenate you from head to toe! Stand up facing your desk and have the front of your body up against the edge of your desk. Place your palms down till they reach the edge of the desk. Place your arms shoulder distance apart and your feet hip distance apart. Ideally, the height of your desk should be more or less hip level. Now, walk your legs back until your hips are in line with your heels and you create a flat … [Read more...]

New Wave of Healing

the new wave of healing meditation: kirtan kriya Besides feeling blissful, relaxation is a medical fact. Thirty-odd years ago, Harvard cardiologist Herbert Benson, M.D. identified and scientifically confirmed what happens during the Relaxation Response, namely: heart rate slows down, brain waves slow down and move into theta, or the state of creative flow that is often only accessed when dreaming. The stress hormone cortisol stops flowing and natural feel-good, painkilling hormones such as … [Read more...]

Outdoor Yoga

written by ed moffett My favorite way to do yoga is to go out to some beautiful place in nature where I can express yoga interactively with the natural symmetries around me. Since every system of yoga has variations of the definition, it's important to have some flexibility in our concept of what yoga is. Let's face it- going to a yoga class involves a lot of work to prepare, travel, arrive at a certain time, position yourself in the studio room, participate in the class, pack up and go home. … [Read more...]

At Home With Gurutej

A miniature Spanish castle with soft golden exterior, fluted tile roof, majestic triangular windows, and circular walls of architecture, this home is fit for a queen. As I approach the gate I notice a small tag, the kind you may find on a birthday gift, dangling from a ribbon: Bless this home. Bless all who enter this home. Bless all that happens in this home. I soon discover what a blessed gift this home is. … [Read more...]

The Jivamukti Method

written by nicole nichols and heather fairfield Practices For Liberating Body and Soul Twenty years ago Sharon Gannon and David Life developed Jivamukti Yoga, a style that would become known around the world for its mix of challenging physical asanas and scriptural study blended with music, social awareness and devotion. Driven to communicate something extraordinary about human potential, in 1984 they created the Jivamukti method. The method quickly began to take hold in New York City where they … [Read more...]

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