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Weekly Horoscope Sept 6

this is the last week of mercury retrograde, much of which is spent in the ‘storm phase’ of mercury going backward- meaning he is going super, super sloooooow.  when any planet is stationing it has the most power, yet when it is still retrograde the power is on the more unconscious, internal realms.  all manner of mercury-related things (communication, transportation, commerce, money, technology) can go haywire during mercury retrograde- so take note.  this week features the new moon on wednesday morning (3:30am PDT) which is beautiful aspected, yet it is ruled by mercury retrograde.  typically new moons are times to initiate and start new endeavors, but with mercury a pretty much a stand still we need to move slowly and commence new beginnings on the innermost realm first and foremost.  when mercury stations direct things can start to manifest externally.  with a slow mercury patience is a virtue you will be glad you have this coming week!  in addition venus moves into scorpio on wednesday and the moon occults venus on saturday.  relationships move into deeper, more passion and perhaps intense waters.  on saturday emotions can be powerful- for good or for ill.  so be aware of your emotional energy and channel it consciously.

enjoy your week!

aries- with the new moon in your 6th house of work, service and health and the new moon’s ruler mercury still retrograde you have the potential to start some major inner readjustments that you’ve been realizing need to happen over the past few weeks.  whether it be health related, spiritual and/or psychological- this is the week to look within and figure out what has to change.  don’t chomp at the bit to make those changes just yet (easy to say, but perhaps hard to do for warrior-like aries!)- let them settle into your psyche and unfold over the coming weeks.  meanwhile venus moves into your 8th house of intimacy, sexuality, death and power, where she will stay until 2011 due to her upcoming retrograde.  relationships are taken to very intimate, intense waters!  be ready to expose your Soul like you’ve never done before.  on saturday the moon/venus occultation can unveil some very deep fears you have around getting too close to others- but it can also unearth your deepest desire for a profoundly intimate connection.  to have that connection you have to make yourself vulnerable.  this may not be easy for the warrior to do- but it will prove it’s worth if you let yourself open to Love.

taurus- the new moon promises that new beginnings are a-coming in relationship to your romantic and creative energies- but they will come in a slow, methodical way (very taurean!) after you release anything that came up for review in the past couple weeks due to mercury’s retrograde in your 5th house.  mercury’s station this week makes him very, very slow- so patience is a virtue and it will take you far (think tortoise, not hare).  learning how to express yourself romantically and creatively takes deep confidence in yourself.  that has been the focus of the past week’s and hopefully you are coming to see that now.  midweek venus moves into your 7th house of relationship where she will set up shop for the rest of the year (she will retrograde in october here and stay there till 2011- which will be BIG for you- stay tuned).  love, commitment and relationship are high on the agenda.  on saturday the moon occults venus in this same house bringing important emotions- deep, intense, rich- to the surface of your awareness.  passion is ignited- but if you don’t own it then you might see it as a mirror reflection in someone else.  allowing passion to take you for a ride is not irresponsible- it’s living life with eros.  allow yourself to indulge 🙂

gemini- with your ruler stationing to go direct this week and a new moon at the bottom of your chart you are in prime territory to dig deep- very deep- into your psychic past and clear out the closets of your childhood and past lives.  those things that have been inhibiting you from being who you really are are ready to get axed- but are you ready to release them?  a new beginning is in store for you when it come to your home life and inner life- but it’s kind of like moving house.  you have to pack up, clean out the old, and take a trip to the garbage dump before you can move into the shiny, new place that is waiting for you.  this is all psychological for you right now- so pay attention to your inner experience this week.  meanwhile venus moves into your 6th house of work, service and health where she will stay for a very long time due to her upcoming retrograde.  it’s time to focus on your health, how you take care of it, and how you are able to balance taking care of yourself with performing your service to the world.  the moon occults venus on saturday bringing up deep emotions that can be channeled through mind/body awareness.  gemini loves the mind, but if you stay connected to your body you will learn a lot about yourself this week.

cancer- communication is key, and it has been for the past couple of weeks with mercury retrograding in your mercury-ruled 3rd house of communication.  being clear on what you think and say has been part of your internal process- and hopefully you’ve been doing your work!  this week’s new moon falls in this same house which can symbolize new beginnings in your ability to speak your Truth to those around you- yet the ruler of this new moon is retrograde pointing to a need to get clear with yourself on the innermost levels first and foremost before you go and take on the world.  pay attention to your dreams this week- as mercury also rules your 12th house of the unconscious.  messages can come from the most unlikely of places.  meanwhile venus moves into your 5th house of romance, creativity and children, where she will stay until 2011 due to her upcoming retrograde.  expect romance, pleasure and childlike joy (involving the child within or your own children) to be high on your list of things to do!  on saturday the moon occults venus in this same house bringing up deep passion and emotion in a romantic relationship, a creative project or a situation regarding a child.  the moon is your ruler- so you are no stranger to the emotional realms.  just keep a handle on your emotional reactions- as scorpio is known for getting overly intense and if that happens you may have a lot of cleaning up to do after the fact.  

leo- you probably were SO happy to hear that saturn finally moved out of your 2nd house of money and self-worth when saturn moved out of virgo, but then you got hit with mercury retrograde in this same house which has probably felt like more of the same.  focusing on money- what you do with it, how you make it, who you share it with, etc…- is probably getting old.  but if you have been doing your work you’ve come to some clear ideas on how to move forward, which this new moon on wednesday can help you to put into motion.  but you must be clear on the inner levels first!  this comes down to self-worth.  see how your money situations are directly tied into how you value yourself.  how you spend your money, how you make your money and who you share it with are all indicators of how you feel about yourself.  look within and see if what is being said is what you want to be said- and seen by others!  meanwhile venus moves into your 4th house of home and family where she will stay until 2011 due to her upcoming retrograde.  it’s time to focus on your home life and your inner life.  get cozy with those you love- including yourself!  on saturday the moon occults venus in this same house bringing up some intense passion and emotion around home-related matters.  something wants to come up from underneath the surface of your psyche- a Truth wants to be revealed.  don’t repress it- express it, with wisdom and insight, of course.

virgo- this week’s new moon falls in your sign making it big for you, yet your ruler (and the ruler of the new moon) is still retrograde and in his storm phase this week- in your sign!  there can be this impetus to move forward and act, yet something is pulling you back and asking you to wait, observe and see when the tides have truly changed.  with such an internal new moon it’s best to focus your initiative energies on yourSelf.  start anew from the ground up- particularly the psychic and unconscious ground within your Soul.  if you’ve been clearing out the past few weeks as this mercury retrograde has asked then you will find that you are more than ready to start anew when mercury stations direct on sunday.  meanwhile venus moves into your 3rd house of communication, where she will stay until 2011 due to her upcoming retrograde (another one!?!).  it’s time to focus on communication- writing, speaking, teaching- any way in which you get your Truth out there, with the grace and ease of the goddess.  on saturday the moon occults venus bringing up intense and passionate emotional communication with others.  this can be amazing- as you share your deepest feelings with another- or it can be annoying as you engage in power/control dynamics with others.  it’s up to you which way the wind blows.  either way- the Truth will come out.  and that is as it should be.  

libra- all that plumbing the depths of your psyche and looking very closely at your fears and unconscious motivations of the past few weeks as mercury has retrograded through your 12th house of the unconscious may not be what a light-hearted libra wants to do, but it’s definitely what the doctor Universe ordered.  this week’s new moon in your 12th house helps you to make sense of all you’ve unearthed and helps you to start a new relationship to your unconscious that is based on more awareness and less disconnect.  of course this all happens on the inner levels so look more to your dreams, intuitions and synchronicities for proof that you are growing rather than actual external things that are happening.  meanwhile your ruling planet venus moves out of your sign and into your 2nd house on wednesday, where she will stay until 2011 due to her upcoming retrograde (which will be HUGE for you- stay tuned).  your focus now shifts to money, self-worth and enjoying the embodied experience.  on saturday the moon occults venus bringing up some intense emotions related to money and/or self-worth that can be cathartic if you allow them to process.  with scorpio in the 2nd you have deep reservoirs of abundance and manifestation capacity available to you- all you have to do is believe in yourself to tap into it.  meditate on that for a while.

scorpio- how have your goals and visions changed in the past couple of weeks?  or perhaps your friendships and community associations?  with mercury retrograding in your 11th house there has been a deep review process about your place in community and what your visions are that you’ve been undergoing at a deep, psychic level.  this week the new moon falls in this same house, but the ruler of the new moon (mercury) is still retrograde, so new beginnings in connection, community and vision will commence, but clearing out and releasing the old must happen first.  saying goodbye to old goals and old friends that aren’t moving in the same direction as you can be bittersweet, but it’s important for your journey.  meanwhile venus moves into your sign, where she will stay until 2011 due to her upcoming retrograde (which will be BIG for you- so stay tuned).  with venus moving out of your most hidden house and into your most visible you can expect love, relationship and social connection with others to take on a more important role in your life.  on saturday the moon occults venus bringing up intense and deep emotional experiences about who you are, why you are here and how you relate to others.  this can be powerful if you allow it transform you rather than activate all of your defenses.  

sagittarius- shifts and changes in life purpose- or at least questions about what your Soul wants you to do- is common during mercury retrograde in your 10th house of career and standing in the world.  the past few weeks have had you revisioning your place in the world, and this week’s new moon in the same house will help you to start a new chapter in your place in the world, but it must start on the internal levels first and foremost.  the new moon’s ruler (mercury) is stationing direct this week so his energy is not in forward motion just yet.  all that rethinking, revising and reviewing you’ve been doing that last couple of weeks has to be anchored on solid ground- and this can only happen when you clear out the clutter.  meanwhile venus moves into your 12th house of the unconscious, where she will stay until 2011 due to her upcoming retrograde (more on that in later blogs).  the shift of your romantic and creative energies to your deep unconscious realms can be spiritually profound, but it can also feel confusing and have you feeling very alone.  you are excavating your unconscious for any fears or limitations that keep you from deep, passionate Love.  this will take time.  on saturday the moon occults venus in this same house unearthing deep emotions you may not have realized you possessed!  if you can allow them to express themselves (in healthy ways) you can find a connection to a deep part of you that you thought you lost a while back.  take the shamanistic journey within and don’t look back.

capricorn- this week’s new moon falls in your 9th house of higher beliefs and connection to your Higher Self, which points to new beginnings spiritually if you have done the clearing out work that mercury retrograde in this same house has asked of you the past few weeks.  rethinking, reviewing and revising who you are in the Bigger Picture, what you believe and why hopefully has been productive.  reconnecting with the past so that you can make sense of the present is what mercury retrograde likes to do- as any ground you are standing on today is most definitely built on something that came previously.  the point of mercury retrograde is to see if the layers are all in alignment or if something needs to be excavated and changed.  this week you can commence a new path only if you have done the foundational work asked of you.  meanwhile venus moves into your 11th house of friendship, community and hopes/wishes, where she will stay until 2011 due to her upcoming retrograde.  it’s time to get social and think less about your work and more about your connections with others.  on saturday the moon occults venus bringing intense emotional experiences in your community and friendships that can be heart-opening if you allow them to be.  with cancer in the 7th you often tend to project your emotions onto others.  why not own them and see where they can take you?

aquarius- themes of sexuality, death, transformation and Soul journeys (aka shamanistic journeys into the depths) have been the focus for the past couple of weeks as mercury has been retrograding your 8th house.  rethinking, reviewing and revisiting your relationship to the beyond, to sex, death and power, and to your own Soul have hopefully proved fruitful.  this week’s new moon falls in this very same house, indicating that you can start a whole new chapter in relationship to your Soul, but you must do the clearing out process beforehand.  there are things that need to die so that something else can be reborn- symbolically, psychologically, spiritually, emotionally and perhaps even literally.  saying goodbye is never easy- but it is a transition that takes you forward and transforms you.  meanwhile venus moves into intense, deep scorpio and your 10th house of career and standing in the world, where she will stay until 2011 due to her upcoming retrograde (stay tuned for more details).  focusing on the deep transformation of your career and Soul’s calling- and your commitment to helping the world transform- is in store.  on saturday the moon occults venus in this same house bringing up intense, passionate emotions around your life path and where you are going.  typically aquarius likes to detach and rise above messy emotions- but it could actually serve you to stay connected and go deeper.  will you know if you don’t try?

pisces- relationships, relationships and more on relationships!  mercury retrograde in your 7th house of relationship on the heels of saturn departing your house of relationship when he moved out of virgo and into libra has served to only extend your lessons about commitment and intimate connection with others.  rethinking, reviewing and revising how you relate to others, how you establish boundaries, and how you tend to set others up to not live up to your perfectionist standards has been the focus of the past few weeks.  this week’s new moon serves to open up a new chapter in relationship but it is predicated on the clearing out process you’ve been asked to undertake which has been cleaning out old romantic closets whose dust and debris has collected in your psyche.  if you can truly let go a new chapter awaits you that has legs!  (meaning it has legs to stand the test of time).  meanwhile venus moves into your 9th house of Higher beliefs and Higher Self, where she will stay until 2011 due to her upcoming retrograde- helping you to connect to the greater world in deep and passionate ways.  on saturday the moon occults venus, bringing up intense emotional experiences that can be spiritual and mind-expanding if you allow them to open you up.  as a pisces you are no stranger to the emotional realms.  

allow yourself to swim deep and immerse yourself in Soul- but don’t forget to come up for air!

harmony_deskDivine Harmony – “My one wish for humanity is to open the heart chakras of everyone on the planet. I hope to assist as many people as I can in healing their bodies, minds and souls as I journey on this same path of healing for myself. I believe that astrology can be a powerful tool for self-knowledge and healing and I hope to share that with the world.” To schedule private readings and consultations you can reach Divine Harmony at divineharmony.org

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