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May 2013 Astrology


This month has a huge focus on testing and mastery over the material aspects of life. How you deal with debt, money, power, and control is a huge focus. The pull toward making decisions based on material comforts, safety, and security is strong, but the Eclipses this month require that you let go of karmic patterns of the past so that you can grow, evolve, and transform! Pay attention to the 20th as significant shifts, sudden reversals, breakdowns, and breakthroughs regarding your life path and purpose can come to Light. The powers that be may want to dominate and control, but Aries is the warrior and will not take things lying down. You just have to watch out for being excessive, impulsive, or overly aggressive as it could backfire and get you into very hot water. The world is going through a powerful revolution right now and you are at the front line. Be the pioneer and lead the way!


You are in a pivotal period of transformation and change in your life right now, and it necessitates letting go of a lot of who you thought you were. The karmic pull toward past patterns of attachment, materialism, and making life decisions based on fears of safety and security must be released. In order to grow and evolve right now you have to come to the edge and jump (metaphorically speaking). The Solar Eclipse on the 9th is in your sign and it will help you birth this new part of yourself if you are ready, willing and able to let go of karmic patterns/relationships/situations that keep you tethered to the past. Money is a focus by the end of the month–you need to watch out for the tendency to delude yourself about your material reality. If you stay true to your integrity and do your accounting by month’s end you will start to see rewards. Trust and have faith, but rather than surrender for Taurus right now it’s all about ACTION.


There’s a lot going on for you beneath the surface and the best thing you can do right now is take a break from the external and focus your energies within. Deep longings and deep fears are coming up to be acknowledged, processed, and integrated. Yet you don’t want to completely check out as there is a lot going on in your daily life that needs addressing. Health is definitely a focus, so if you find health issues cropping up you’d do well to address them now. You are a spiritual being having a human experience and the body you are in is your vehicle for this life- you need to take care of it. Mid-month several planets move into your sign, bringing focus to your life path, purpose, and what you are meant to be doing here on Planet Earth. If you are confused or lost, know that this too shall pass. The Lunar Eclipse at the end of the month brings relationship issues to a head. Something’s gotta give!


A big focus for you right now is on your friends and community connections and how you balance that with walking your solo path. If you hide in your crab shell too much you may find that you need connection right now–yet too much socializing can busy your life up so much that you are disconnected from your Inner Self. Mid-month as several planets move into the most hidden part of your chart you are well-advised to take some time to retreat, reflect, and introspect. External life may be busy but if you cannot find time to turn within you will be missing the most important piece of the equation. The Lunar Eclipse on the 24th is a time to address the work/spiritual life balance. By month’s end some profound spiritual aha moments can come your way, but you have to create the space in your life to realize them. Go within or go without!


You career path and ambitions are changing right now and the Solar Eclipse on the 9th can catapult you on a whole new path. Yet the constrictions and karmic obligations of home and family keep you rooted and stuck in some ways from the liberation you seek. Ultimately it’s about balance and right now you cannot forego the focus on your foundations, as your future depends on what you are building and solidifying right now. Tests you move through this month are meant to strengthen, or they are meant to show you where things have come to a dead end. Endings precede new beginnings, but don’t be so impulsive that you throw the baby out with the bath water. Later in the month new connections present new possibilities that have a lot of idealism, but also perhaps some nebulousness or deception behind them. Wait it out to see if they are as genuine/real as they appear. By month’s end what is real will start to reap rewards, but you have to do the ground work to make it last!


You are undergoing a profound shift in your perspective on life and your belief about the world around you. This can be liberating and freeing, but it can also be anxiety-producing as you are being forced to face outworn/outdated beliefs systems and fully let them go. The Solar Eclipse on the 9th opens a massive door in your mind and in your being, moving you over a threshold of understanding you have only been able to bump up against in the past. Mid-month several planets move into your career house and bring focus onto your purpose in the world. Questioning your path and its direction is okay and recommended. New directions that reveal themselves should be tested for their validity before you commit to them. The Lunar Eclipse on the 20th closes one door so that another can open. Let go so that you can grow!


As a sign that likes to have peace, harmony, and beauty all around you, the energy at the start of this month can be deep and intense and take some special navigation. The Solar Eclipse on the 9th is asking you to dive down deep, confront your fears and shadows and transform yourself. The testing of your belief in yourself and your commitment to your path is palpable right now–don’t back down. Mid-month the planets shift, most notably your ruling planet Venus lightens up as she moves into airy Gemini. How you envision life is what creates the life you live. Question your own creations and change your thoughts if you want to change your reality. On the 20th breakdowns precede breakthroughs– so anything falling apart in home/family situations or relationships should be viewed as something new trying to be put together. By month’s end a new vision of the possibilities of life is available to you–all you have to do is believe!


You are undergoing one of the most important transitions of your life right now. The mastery and evolution available to you now is nothing short of amazing. The key is you have to earn it and you have to push past your edge in a big way. One way in which this testing can come through is in relationships. Figuring out what is right for you and what is not and maintaining healthy boundaries is key. The karmic pull towards old relationship paradigms and connections that really don’t serve you is very strong, but your Spirit is stronger! The Solar Eclipse on the 9th can help you start on a brand new relationship path–with or without certain people in your life. Pay attention to the 20th through the 24th as major breakdowns, breakthroughs and illuminations about your self-worth, your needs and what you need to do to fulfill them will help you see the Light.


Getting clear on your deepest dreams and confronting your biggest fears is a focus during Eclipse season. As one of the most positive and optimistic signs, sometimes it can be hard for you to deal with and address the shadow. Right now you cannot escape this inward/downward process! Learning how to balance your busy work life with your inner spiritual journey is key. Mid-month several planets move into your house of relationship, bringing focus to your intimate connections with others. This is not a time of over-idealism or denial– you need to address the cold hard realities in your relationships. From this place you can figure out which ones can withstand the test of time and which ones are on their way out. By month’s end relationships grow or go– either way it’s for the best.


Eclipse season is a profound period of rapid growth and for you this growth occurs in your creativity, originality and childlike nature. The Solar Eclipse on the 9th is helping you to birth something new- whether it is a book, a creative project, a child, or the re-birth your inner child. Yet there is a lot of testing to what you are beginning right now, almost as though the Universe is making sure you are really committed and you really want it. On the 20th, breakdowns, breakthroughs, and sudden profound shifts are set to happen in your home/family environment and possibly your entire life!  Learning to let go of control and allow change to enter your life is key. By month’s end opportunity knocks in the form of health and healing or work that truly feeds your Soul. When doors open it’s up to you to walk through them.


With the Eclipses activating the foundation and pinnacle of your chart you are in the midst of major changes and/or expansion in home, family, and career. The Solar Eclipse on the 9th helps you to start a new chapter or even volume in your life path and purpose, but the new seeds you plant are very dependent on the roots and foundation you attend to right now. If something is not right in your home life or something is up with family now is the time to address it. On the 20th your ruling planet Uranus squares Pluto bringing in radical change, transformation, breakdowns and breakthroughs. Speaking your Truth and seeing yourself clearly have never been so important. The sweet expansion heading your way by the end of the month will build on the foundations you strengthen at the start of the month. Don’t cut corners–it will pay off in the end.


The Eclipse Portal is activating and opening your mind- asking you to question beliefs and attitudes you hold dear but that actually serve to limit you and keep you stuck in old patterns. The Solar Eclipse on the 9th brings opportunities to write, teach, and speak and spread your message widely. Yet there will be tests to this new vision and message–you are being asked to stay the course and commit to your Truth. Mid-month several planets move into your house of home and family, bringing focus on your roots and foundation. Questions about where you belong and what you want and need can arise. If so, sit with the questions rather than jump to conclusions. You might be surprised by the answers that finally come into focus. At the end of the month revelations and opportunities to expand, grow and Love your life are headed your way.


Divine Harmony is an astrologer with a background in depth psychology. She writes astrology columns, does personal readings, teaches astrology classes, and is in the midst of writing a book on the Dark Feminine. For more information visit her website: divineharmony.org.

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