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June Astrological Forecast

By Divine Harmony



This month focuses on your home, family, roots, and foundation. With Cancer in the root of your chart you seek comfort, safety, and security in the place that you lay your head at night.  This either brings back memories of a sweet childhood or it serves to provide you with all that was lacking in your childhood. Yet with the influx of energy this month you may find that changes or disruptions in your home or in the fabric of your inner life are in order. Pay close attention to June 7-12 as sudden shifts, reversals, endings, and new beginnings in your home and family life are possible. At the end of the month Jupiter moves into your fourth house for an extended stay, bringing his gifts of abundance, growth, and optimism. If you are looking to move, expand your family, and/or dive deep into your psyche so that you can clear out the debris of the past–the upcoming year is sure to support that.



The month starts off with your ruling planet Venus moving into your house of communication, bringing much focus to your day to day life and how you think, perceive, and communicate your Truth to yourself and others. The house of communication is a focus all month long, helping you to get clear and focused on what is true for you. From June 7-12, there can be some intense energy present so watch what you say and take everything you hear with a grain of salt. Communication breakdowns are possible, but so are breakthroughs. On June 25, Jupiter moves into your communication house for an extended stay, bringing with him gifts of expansion, abundance, and luck. If you are a writer, speaker, or teacher this is the time to get your ideas out there. It’s also the perfect time to do a mental house cleaning. Any mental habits that don’t serve you are ready for the heave ho!



With so much planetary activity in your earth houses there is definitely a focus this month on the material, the mundane, and your work or career path. From the June 7-16, there is a need to become clear on your calling, your life path, and/or your career direction. There are things falling away that no longer serve while others are still in the process of taking shape. This is a time to trust and know that the Universe is guiding you, even if you cannot see the final destination. At the same time there is a lot of focus on your second house of money and self-worth. Mid-month there is a need to become ruthlessly honest about your financial reality. If you can do the work to address what is, by the end of the month when Jupiter enters your money house (where he will stay for the next year) you will be given the gift of seeing and manifesting what is possible!



This month has your name written all over it! With Mercury and Venus in your sign it’s a month to bridge your mind and your heart. From the June 3-7, the Grand Water Trine is activated which is an auspicious transit blessing you with renewed vitality, spirit, and passion. Mid-month can be a bit more challenging, as changes in your relationships and/or career force you to alter your path in some way. Trust that these changes are happening for your Highest Good and embrace them. The best aspect happens at the end of the month when Jupiter moves into your sign, where he will stay for the next year. When the planet of abundance, gifts and joy is in your sign you are the darling of the Zodiac. The coming year is a time to embrace the opportunities headed your way for spiritual and material growth.



With so much playing out in your twelfth house of the unconscious this month your normally exuberant, social energies should give way to introversion and reflection. It is important that you honor this process and allow yourself some downtime to process your experience and heal yourself. The deep internal realizations will give way to changes and the energy will shift– so you don’t have to worry about getting stuck here.  June19 is a great day as your ruling planet the sun aligns with Jupiter– bringing positive connections and opportunities for expansion and growth via your friends or community.  On June 25, Jupiter moves into Cancer and your twelfth house, marking a year-long process of deep spiritual inquiry and inner expansion. Make sure you make time in your schedule for retreat and vacation in the coming year.  Don’t miss out on the opportunities for renewal, relaxation and release that your Soul craves.



With two planets stationing retrograde in your house of relationship a big focus for you this month is on seeing others clearly and addressing boundaries. Nebulousness, confusion or over-idealism is simply something lacking clarity. Pay special attention on June 7 and tune into your inner intuitive voice rather than your logical, linear one for answers. On June 16, opportunities to address old wounds and pain in relationships is a focus. Don’t get stuck in the pain– move through it so that you can get to the healing! Jupiter moves into Cancer on June 25 and your ruling planet Mercury stations retrograde the next day. Connecting with friends and community and collaborating with others to realize your deepest dreams is a focus. Use Mercury retrograde to feel clear on who you want in your life and what your dreams are- -and use the next year of Jupiter in Cancer to make it happen!



This month has a big career focus for you. On June 2, your ruling planet Venus moves into your career house to join Mercury who is already there. With the heart and the mind elevated you are being asked to bridge these two and become clear on your calling, your path, and your purpose. It can’t just be based on logic, safety, and security– it also has to feed your Soul and ignite your passions! Mid-month there can be some testing, especially around June 7-12. Breakdowns precede breakthroughs, so if you attend to what is NOT working, what WILL work can often reveal itself. On June 25, the most benevolent planet Jupiter moves into your career house, commencing a year-long transit of expansion, growth, opportunities, and luck blessing you when it comes to your life purpose! Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth– get out there, socialize, and chase your dreams.



Like the other water signs, you are primed for some amazing creative and spiritual energy to open up into your life this month! From June 3-7, Mercury and Venus (the mind and the heart) activate the Grand Water Trine helping you to see the Bigger Picture and grow beyond your preconceived limitations. This is an amazing time to move beyond your little self and bring in more conscious connection with your Higher Self. On June 11, Saturn in your sign trines Neptune, aligning the root chakra with the heart chakra in ways that help you manifest your greatest dreams and creative gifts. On June 25, Jupiter moves into Cancer and your ninth house of higher self, commencing a year-long transit of spiritual and material growth. If you have wanted to teach, travel, or publish Jupiter is here to help you big time. Don’t limit your dreams as you can only reach as far as you think is possible. Reach High!



The start of the month can bring some tests to the foundations and relationships upon which you build your life. From June 3-7, you are being asked to deal with things and face realities head on. The gift of this is that once you are addressing what is you are given the space to work towards what can be. The sweet water energy in the middle of the month happens to fall in water houses for you, which means it’s all about getting in touch with your emotions, feelings, dreams, and intuition. Take time to honor your inward processes mid-month. On June19, the Sun aligns with your ruling planet Jupiter in your house of relationship, bringing optimism and opportunities for opening and growth in your most important relationships. On June 25, Jupiter moves into Cancer, commencing a year-long transit that is perfect for shamanic journeys, depth psychotherapy and/or tantra (or maybe all three?). It’s time to go deep–prepare to dive in!



The month kicks off with Venus moving into your house of relationship–putting focus on how you relate and what you give and get from your relationships. The sweet water energy at the start of the month supports emotional communication, but from June 7-12 there can be some testing in relationships and perhaps even some communication breakdowns. You are in a deep process of transforming yourself and that will necessitate relationships changing and/or ending for you to move forward in life. Honor this transformational process rather than resist it—this is for your Highest Good! On June 11, your ruling planet Saturn trines Neptune, which bridges three dimensional reality with mystical reality and helps you connect the mundane and the sacred. On June 25, the most benevolent planet Jupiter moves into your relationship house, making the upcoming year the best time to meet people and open your heart. Others are your mirrors– chose the reflections you want to see wisely.



The planets are piling up in your sixth house of work, service, and health, putting a focus on your day-to-day routines and overall health and well-being. With the Grand Water Trine activating earth houses you are well advised to focus on the earthly realities of finances, service, work, and career. Getting things in order right now is essential as you are laying a solid foundation upon which you will build in the years to come! On June 11, Saturn in your career house trines Neptune in your money house, helping you to realize your dreams and manifest the abundance you seek. Remember, after the ecstasy comes the laundry– so don’t shirk your responsibilities (like balancing the checkbook or paying off debt) and you will be rewarded well. By month’s end, Jupiter moves into Cancer and your sixth house bringing opportunities to expand your work and/or heal long-time ailments. This is a year-long transit so make the best of it. Use it or lose it!



You are entering a profound and fertile period of creative and spiritual opening unlike any other! The planets are piling up in your fifth house of creativity, romance, and children– helping you to open your heart and connect with your inner child in healing ways. On June 7, Neptune stations retrograde in your sign and on June 16, Chiron will do the same. If you feel like you are going in slow-motion or if old wounds around boundaries, worthiness, or lovability are coming up–know that this, too, will pass and just keep on honoring and loving yourself. On June 11, Saturn in your house of higher self trines your ruling planet, helping you to bridge your lower self with your higher self in grounded and masterful ways. On June 19, major openings in your home and family life head your way and on June 25, Jupiter moves into Cancer for a year-long stay. Your creativity and fertility will be off the charts–so make use of it.


Divine Harmony is an astrologer with a background in depth psychology. She writes astrology columns, does personal readings, teaches astrology classes, and is in the midst of writing a book on the Dark Feminine. For more information visit her website: divineharmony.org.



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